Hard Rock & Ocean Casinos: Atlantic City Gaming Revenue Champs.

Atlantic City

No surprise, Hard Rock & Ocean are the top casino hotels in Atlantic City. Not just in gaming revenue, but entertainment, dining, shopping and accommodations as well.

Everything first class with these 2 properties.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and Ocean Casino Resort are the only AC casinos that won more from in-person gamblers, compared to November 2019.

Atlantic City Casinos depend on visitors to their physical AC location. That’s their main revenue driver. Foot traffic.

Internet gaming and sports betting is nice, but most of that rev goes to 3rd parties, tech platforms, sports books and the State of NJ.

The Casino Association of New Jersey says Atlantic City casinos are hanging in there, but things are looking a bit rough moving forward. Looming threat of new casinos in NYC and North Jersey.

Overall, AC casinos running about 5% behind Nov 2019 for in-person gaming.

Questions being discussed:

  • Did Atlantic City blow their 40 year monopoly head start?
  • Does local crime scare away visitors to Atlantic City?
  • Will the city-wide cannabis marketplace be an overall positive or negative?
  • Needle exchange and rampant homelessness.
  • Soft on crime. Bail reform. Prison release.

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