Help Make Margate’s Downbeach Express Safer for Turtle Crossing

Diamondback Terrapin

Each spring, hundreds of turtles try to cross the busy Downbeach Express toll road in Margate. Too many don’t make it.

It’s not easy for drivers doing 50+ mph to avoid these nesting terrapins. Especially in the dark.

Wanna help save some Downbeach turtles? Saturday, May 15 is Annual Barrier Installation/Repair Day. Learn more here.

Margate Turtle
Downbeach Express

The Margate Terrapin Rescue Project’s mission is to protect local Diamondback Terrapin populations from vehicular mortality by installing/repairing roadside barriers as well as daily patrols during the nesting season.

Help Margate Terrapin Rescue Project. Help Replace and Repair Roadside Barriers

Roadside barriers significantly reduce the number of terrapin fatalities due to motor vehicles.

For more information:

Downbeach Express Turtle Crossing

The Ole Hansen company owns and manages the Downbeach Express / Margate causeway toll road.

Margate resident Jennifer Hansen is active within her family’s many business interests, including the Downbeach Express, Real Estate development, Hidden Creek Golf Club, and Enlightened Solutions Detox & Treatment Centers. Hansen is also active in managing several sober living homes in Ventnor and Atlantic City.

While Downbeach Express does provide a quick way in & out of Margate, the man-made road crosses marine wetlands and turtle breeding grounds.

How can Downbeach Express help reduce turtle deaths each year?

  • Install flashing warning lights
  • Verbal warning from toll-taker
  • Temporary speed reduction during breeding season
  • Financial assistance from Ole Hanson
  • Be more involved with this environmental issue

Save a Downbeach Turtle: Buy a shirt here.

3 thoughts on “Help Make Margate’s Downbeach Express Safer for Turtle Crossing”

  1. Are they sure the turtles are getting hit by cars or are they dying in shock when they see the toll cost to use that road…

  2. Margatonians ugh….turtles and parking Oy Vey such problems.

    Put the History channel on please!

    “You are amongst the most selfish people in the state of New Jersey,”

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