Help Nesting Turtles Cross Our Downbeach Roads

Ventnor PD
Ventnor PD: Protect & Serve. Even Turtles.

Turtle crossing season. Like many small animals, wild turtles lose their lives each year just by crossing the road.

See a turtle trying to cross the road? Move it to the other side of the road in the same direction it was going. Use a car mat if needed. That’s a good way to help the turtles across without picking them up. By using a car mat or putting something under the turtle, you can slide the turtle in the direction it was headed.

TIPS: Don’t pick the turtle up by the tail. If you see a turtle crossing the road, consider getting out of your car and holding up traffic while the turtle makes it safely across the road.

Turtle season. When they leave their normal habitat and look for a place to bury their eggs. This trek leads turtles to venture to unfamiliar places, including active roads. They have no idea of the dangers they face. They simply want to nest and lay eggs.

Make sure you put them in the direction they were heading, or they will find themselves in the same situation again.

See a turtle with a cracked shell? Don’t place them in water. They could drown if their lung is injured. If the turtle is injured, put them in a box with paper towels or newspaper. Bring them to a vet or wildlife center. They would likely treat them without charge, and eventually release them back into the wild.

Underneath that hard shell is a fragile creature that needs our help.

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