How Margate Voters Will Ultimately Decide on Rebuilding Boardwalk Project

Like it or not, the 3 Margate Commissioners may soon be compelled to discuss and consider rebuilding Margate’s long-lost boardwalk.

On Jan 2, Glenn Klotz of the Margate Boardwalk Committee posted: Process toward an election sometime this year about Boardwalk has begun! One way or another, Margate voters will get to decide this issue in 2020!

The Margate Boardwalk Committee, (MBC) have been petitioning to gauge community interest. Should we consider rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk?

To date, Margate Commissioners have generally avoided and dismissed the topic. Not really interested in knowing how all homeowners & taxpayers feel.

Margate Boardwalk Committee

How did all this boardwalk talk start? In March 2018, Glenn Klotz wrote a story for DownbeachBUZZ. It was all about the dune and beach project. How can we deal with this new reality? How can we make lemonade out of lemons? LISTEN >

WOND RADIO DAN KLEIN & Glenn Klotz 1.8.20

Rebuilding Margate’s Boardwalk would soften blow of misguided Army Corp of Engineer beach project.

Maybe we should rebuild the Margate boardwalk. This could certainly help the beach situation. It would create a popular, public amenity too. Excellent addition to much needed open space in Margate.

614 signatures delivered to Margate City Clerk in AUG. 2019. A 27 page report was delivered as well. See: Margate Boardwalk for 21st Century

To date, the city administration has only responded by playing devil’s advocate. One such statement warned that a Margate boardwalk could be a fire hazard.

MBC, Margate Boardwalk Committee wants to poll the community. That’s all. The Margate Commissioners do not.

COMMENT: Less than 1,800 voted in Margate in Nov 2019. Large portion of that group enjoy benefits of municipal employment. Would prefer to protect status quo.

  • Approx 7,700 ratable taxpayers
  • Approx 4,800 potential voters / full-time residents

Deadline for putting question on the November 2020 ballot is beginning of August 2020.

Rebuilding the boardwalk in Margate could boost retail business and consumer visits to Downbeach region.

Margate business operator since 2007

Initiative. Proposed ordinance. Let the voters decide.

Initiative / Ordinance No. __ 2020


WHEREAS, The Committee of the Petitioners, Kenneth Davidson (8015 Monmouth Avenue, Margate City, N.J. 08402), Gregg Lichtenstein (411 N. Exeter Avenue, Margate City, N.J. 08402), Lori Klotz (118N. Barclay Ave. Margate City, N.J. 08402), Robert Bloch (4N. Brunswick Ave. Margate City, N.J. 08402), and David Grossman (308N. Jerome Ave., Margate City, 08402) desire to place an Initiative / Ordinance upon the books and public records of Margate City, N.J. as a means of ascertaining the sentiment of the voters of Margate City regarding constructing a citywide, non-commercial boardwalk upon Margate City’s public beaches which boardwalk would attach to the Ventnor City boardwalk at Fredericksburg Avenue in Ventnor City, N.J. and extend southward to Coolidge Avenue at Margate City’s border with Longport, N.J. utilizing public funds, bonds, grants and or private endowments for such a boardwalk construction; and

WHEREAS, the intent of this Initiative / Ordinance is to place the question of whether or not to construct a citywide, non-commercial boardwalk, as specifically set forth herein, on a ballot in a NON – BINDING REFERENDUM to determine the sentiment and desire of the voters of Margate City, N.J. regarding such a project, thus giving the City Board of Commissioners direction on this issue; and

WHEREAS, this ballot question and the determination of the voters shall be advisory in nature and non-binding on the Margate Board of Commissioners.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Margate City Board of Commissioners hereby requests that the Atlantic County Clerk place the following question on the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election Ballot:

“Shall the City of Margate City construct a City-wide non-commercial Boardwalk upon its public beach extending from the Ventnor Boardwalk at Fredericksburg Ave. to Coolidge Ave. on Longport N.J.’s border, utilizing public funds, bonds, grants, and or private endowments for this purpose.”

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following interpretive statement concerning the above question be placed on the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election Ballot for the City of Margate City:

“This question if approved by the Voters will give direction (not authorization) to the City of Margate Board of Commissioners to construct a non-commercial City-wide Boardwalk upon its public beach extending from the end of Ventnor City’s public Boardwalk at Fredericksburg Ave. to Coolidge Ave. at Longport, NJ’s border. “

18 thoughts on “How Margate Voters Will Ultimately Decide on Rebuilding Boardwalk Project”

  1. This will be a very easy vote, just make sure the corrupt 3 Amigos receive their proper donations. Eyes wide open!!

        1. Forget about the Boardwalk. True waste of time and money. Enough has already been done to spoil our beautiful beaches. Focus on the bay front flooding.

  2. As a full time resident I would love to see the boardwalk rebuilt. I encourage all those to vote yes as this will befit the Margate community as a whole.

    1. Marilyn Blankman

      Fix the bumps on the beach and move on. Other areas with berms like ours have a path cut through. Nobody has flooding.

  3. Don’t forget boardwalk support from neighbors like me in ventnor. I like to walk from home to Margate library, etc. but at end of the ventnor board walk have to walk on side walk in Margate…we’ d be happy to support Margate boardwalk.

  4. Horrible idea for me. I just purchased in Margate BECAUSE it’s not a boardwalk area. I had a friend in the “non-commercial” area of Ocean City whose house was broken into by someone coming in from the boardwalk. And she wasn’t even right on the beach!

    What happens during the next big hurricane when the boardwalk collapses into the beach blocks.

    What’s really a shame is that many of the people who will decide this are NOT the people who are directly impacted.

    1. And I don’t know if anyone has talked about this but the cost of the boardwalk would be about $24 Million and would increase EACH tax payer bill by approximately $275.00 per year.

      1. And how much of the $24M will go into the pockets of the corrupt 3 Amigos and their cronies? Don’t be naive, eyes wide open folks!

  5. And I don’t know if anyone has talked about this but the cost of the boardwalk would be about $24 Million and would increase EACH tax payer bill by approximately $275.00 per year.

  6. janis goldstein

    I would gladly pay 275.00 a year to have a boardwalk. Parking is a problem with or without a boardwalk. I think property values will increase with a boardwalk. Wish I could vote instead of just paying taxes.

  7. We do not need a boardwalk. We have Ocean City and Atlantic City for that. However, we do need the Bay area built back up with restaurants and shops!

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