Hazards of Un-Contested Election in Ventnor

Imagine That. Ventnor Commission Has No Opposition.

Former Ventnor Mayor Tim Kreisher agrees. Un-contested elections are a really bad thing.

Kriesher talked about upcoming election issues with WPG Radio host, Harry Hurley on March 27.

In Ventnor, the 3 incumbents, Holtzman, Landgraf & Kriebel, are running un-opposed.

Ventnor elected leadership is not exceptional. One of them is terrible.

Harry Hurley, WPG Radio

Hurley: I don’t like when there’s no competition. Makes people in office WORSE then they would otherwise be. They act immortal.

Listen to WPG Hurley radio clip:

LISTEN > Kreisher & Hurley 3.27.20

NOTES from radio interview:

No matter what they accomplished over the past 4 years, it’s BAD to have no opposition. Not good for government. Gives people no choice.

Hurley: Honestly, it’s not like they did an incredible job.

Vote by mail in Ventnor for upcoming election. Hurley and Kreisher discuss potential for postponing election.

Tues. May 12 is our local election day. It’s a total ‘vote by mail’ election. Potential for abuse.

Q: Why did no one step up to challenge Holtzman, Landgraf & Kriebel?

Answer from Kreisher: Social media may be the culprit. Is running for a Ventnor Commission seat worth all those nasty attacks against you and your family?

NOTE: Hurley wanted Albie Battalia, Tim Kreisher and Mike Advena to form a ticket and run in Ventnor.

5 thoughts on “Hazards of Un-Contested Election in Ventnor”

  1. Kind of a disingenuous post I think. Maybe your next post should encourage people to get involved in their city, go to open meetings and discuss any/all issues they may have in an open/proper setting and/or run for office themselves. Seems to me most people find “It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and have an opinion” rather than get involved. That’s why you now have an un-contested election. Maybe people should appreciate the time, effort, and hard work these three people put in even if some disagree with the decisions they make, and thank them for their time on behalf of the city. I know they’re not doing it for the $$.
    (full disclosure- I volunteered to be the campaign manager for Holtzman, Landgraf & Kriebel, which turned out to be a “non-job” since nobody else chose to put their time or effort into running against them)

    1. Mel- Why didn’t Tim Kreisher and/or Harry Hurley mention that Kreisher ran “unopposed” for mayor in 2000. Why was it ok then, but not now, and shouldn’t that have been part of a fair conversation on air?

    2. While I agree with Kreisher’s point concerning the hostility found on social media and Hurley’s notion that it’s best to have respectful challenges in politics, I believe Kreisher ran unchallenged while running the city. Fact check me on this. Hurley’s attack on current officials without offering explanation lacks integrity. Opinion shows get away with hallow criticism as those who speak unfiltered on social media. I also agree no one’s perfect but throwing stones over the internet or radio show only causes harm and undermines those currently acting on behalf of their constituents.

      Full disclosure…..I support the work of Ventnor officials who find themselves currently working hard to navigate through uncharted waters with the coronavirus and the impact on their community. Hurley and Kreisher should do the same.

  2. Mel- Why didn’t Tim Kreisher and/or Harry Hurley mention that Kreisher ran “unopposed” for mayor in 2000. Why was it ok then, but not now, and shouldn’t that have been part of a fair conversation on air?

  3. Peter Kleiner said it perfectly. In these troubling times, we depend on the help and support of our government, local, sate and federal to guide us. Shame on those that cast a stone against our hard working Commissioners without themselves offering to help, or proposing a solution. If they have a problem with the way things are run, they should make constructive suggestions at city meetings, get involved with local government, or better yet, come up with a team that could do a better job. Over the last 3 years, I have needed the help of Ventnor government several times in order to get projects done. Once was at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, just before a 3 day holiday weekend. We needed an important zoning issue resolved that would have held up for weeks, if not months a team of construction workers who were on site and ready to work. I contacted one of the Commissioners who took the time away from doing work with their private employment, and listened to my problem. They said they would try to resolve it quickly, and called me back early the next morning, on a holiday Saturday weekend, to say that construction could resume. Several other times, city officials were able work efficiently (and avoid the red tape that could have caused similar projects in other towns to be delayed, or even abandoned) to function the way local government should. This responsiveness of Ventnor government is one of the reasons why my family and I will be relocating to Ventnor. One of the other reasons is that we have neighbors who couldn’t have been more accepting, supportive and friendly towards us. Neighbors who are civil engineers, electricians, cement/rebar construction, insurance business people and advertisers have all lent a helping hand and gone way above and beyond what I would expect for my neighbors.
    So, especially in this time of crisis, I agree with Josh Beloff (above) stating the radio personality’s attack on current officials without offering an explanation lacks integrity and is detrimental to our town. Now is the time for co-operation and constructive work. Marc Feldman, future Ventnor homeowner.

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