Iconic Ventnor Movie Theater Prepares for Teardown?

Ventnor Movie Theater

Parked in front of it’s target, a diesel claw looks to be patiently waiting to rip apart the long shuttered movie theater on Ventnor Ave.

Yellow police tape is draped around this once majestic twin screen movie house on the corner of Ventnor Ave, just across from WAWA.

Today, this 1920’s structure is sadly filled with asbestos, mold and puddles of water. Downbeach residents, visitors and Real Estate execs say Ventnor Commissioners have been too slow on this issue, creating a drag on home & business values in the area.

Will the owner, Ms. Franks of Longport, bring this property into compliance and up to city code? If not, the hazardous eye sore will come down.

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