Illegal ATV and Dirt Bikes Invade Downbeach

NYC and the State of Pennsylvania are cracking down on illegal ATV’s and dirt bikes. Will New Jersey do the same?

Large groups of young men roaring through Ventnor and Margate stop signs and red lights. Executing tricks at high speed. Driving on the wrong side of the road, going against traffic. Un-reported near misses. Few with motor vehicle license and registration.

Biker flash mobs. Ride-outs. The insanely dangerous activity had an early start in Pleasantville and Atlantic City. The so-called bike gangs now targeting neighboring Ventnor and Margate. In the streets. On the sidewalks. Along the boardwalk.

NJ Governor Phil Murphy’s ‘no-cash bail reform’ and controversial criminal justice mandates have made it virtually impossible for police to enforce the law.

In neighboring Philly and NYC, they’re fed up. Illegal ATV’s and dirt bikes are not street legal. They have wreaked so much havoc, elected officials were forced to take more aggressive action.

Police in Pennsylvania confiscate illegal ATVs and dirt bikes.

Recently, a law was signed by PA Governor Tom Wolf targeting those who ride ATVs and dirt bikes on highways, sidewalks and other public roadways.

Police in Pa. Can Now Confiscate, Destroy, Sell Illegal ATVs, Dirt Bikes

It’s reckless and it’s illegal. It puts everyone at risk.

“We have seen countless incidences of property being destroyed, injuries to pedestrians and the tragic loss of life of innocent bystanders due to these reckless actions,” says Senator Pat Browne.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams crushed 100 illegal dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles, confiscated by NYPD.

Mayor Adams of NYC says many of the bikes don’t have insurance. Adams is pushing for ATV dealers to request proof of insurance and registration documents before selling the vehicles.

Public Comment

Glenn M: More interested in image of Ventnor, so they won’t chase them, it would look bad. It’s Mayor’s call.

Joe D: Saw these knuckleheads pass movie theater in both directions last night.

Ellen L: Very disappointed in Ventnor. We’ve seen motorcycles on the boardwalk. It’s the wild west. Scary.

Patricia I: Enforce the law. Check bikes for ownership. Illegal? Then confiscate. Ticket traffic offenses. Do it and it will cease. That goes for boardwalk also.

20 thoughts on “Illegal ATV and Dirt Bikes Invade Downbeach”

  1. Paul Snyderman

    If the local PD can legally confiscate the bikes, so be it. I think a 2-year term of confiscation sounds reasonable. Then have a complicated municipal clerical system for retrieval and charge a fee for the storage of the bikes (just like Philly does for parking violators who get towed).

    1. They most likely came from Phi or Camden area, so they should be 😮 when something actually happens.

  2. Saw a gang of these thugs speed up Pacific Ave in Margate a few Saturdays ago. It was a scary site. They were going faster than light and had no regard for anyone else in the area.

    You got the sense their only point was to “stick it to the man” in Downbeach. Let’s hope our police can stick it back.

    If Murphy will empower them to do so…..that is.

    1. They are “sending a message to the man” ? You’re delusional. They are simply idiots, behaving dangerously and experiencing no accountability for it.

  3. I live in Center City Philly. We’ve been dealing with this for years. I’m on many committees to get this lawlessness stopped. We have monthly zoom meetings with community, business, and civic leaders. Plus the community affairs officer attends.

    We finally got a law passed last week, by PA Governor Wolf, SB 1183, to prohibit operation of Off-Road Vehicles, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Dirt Bikes, in urban municipalities on roadways, sidewalks and pedalcycle lanes. Now the police have to enforce it.

    Perhaps you can “nip it in the bud” before it goes any further. I wish you the best.

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”. ~ Margaret Mead ~

    1. That is great progress. But if it’s just code/laws without enforcement it’s largely ineffective. Another article on here today highlights the challenges of finding new police officer candidates. It’s the same themes here on a variety of topics – enforcement is required.

  4. Phil from Ventnor

    We need enforcement! These thugs should not be allowed to terrorize Downbeach residents!

    The police departments of Ventnor, Margate, and Longport should coordinate to give some grief to these criminals. Make it clear they are unwelcome – confiscate bikes, issue fines, penalize lawbreakers and hold them accountable!

    Either that or build a wall at Jackson Avenue the width of the island!

  5. I was almost hit by an electric bike zooming on the boardwalk when I turned my head for a second. Yes, please execute rules and violations so we will be safe walking on the boardwalk.

    Can we no longer stroll down the boardwalk without fear of being hit by a speeding bike?

    We need police to monitor or no problem will be resolved. Unfortunately, no one reads signs anymore with rules.

    1. Time to wake up Geri, this article has nothing to do with electronic bikes on the boardwalk. It has to do with motorcycles and ATVs at high speeds on local roads – and the threats those represent needing laws and enforcement.

  6. Michael Saewitz

    Regrettably, nothing is likely to happen until a pedestrian, biker, motorist or a child on a bike is seriously injured or killed by one of these reckless riders who have decided their joy rides are more important than the well being and safety of the general population and the ability of others to simply walk, ride or drive peacefully adhering to traffic laws.

    I understand why the police are hesitant to get into a speed chase with one or more of these vehicles.

    Although they are more agile and can more readily escape a police pursuit, I have a hard time understanding why the police in fact don’t chase these culprits for violating traffic laws just as they would a speeding car down Ventnor or Atlantic Avenues or a motorcycle who weaves in and out of traffic popping wheelies on 25mph roads.

    Not an easy solution but certainly frustrating and again it won’t change until an unfortunate tragedy takes place.

  7. Joey Saporito

    This is a safety concern. They are flying down Ventnor Ave. passing people illegally. VERY dangerous when a pedestrian and/or other vehicle is trying to make a legal move and not expecting an asshole cutting them off while pulling a wheelie. So, it’s not about letting them “have fun”. It’s about safety of the citizens.

  8. Ventnor Vicky

    Mayor Holtzman and Commissioner Kriebel will be 100% responsible if someone gets hurt or dies from these illegal vehicles.

    1. Unfortunately, just like the pedestrian law which was enforced when a young lady was killed walking to work in Ocean City, it will be enforced when someone is badly injured or dies. Also, why are shore cities not enforcing laws? Ask our WOKE Gov. Phil Murphy!!

      1. Other states have police staffing issues as well, irrespective of the party of governor. Maybe watch a different cable network for a more balanced view of the world. Update laws, enforce laws. Period.

        1. NJ Governor Murphy took a good portion of law enforcements’ power away from them. They can’t even apprehend teenage pot-smokers or under-age drinkers. Nor can they lawfully approach these referenced bike-driving thugs. Just stating the facts.

          Who cares about other states, not what we are discussing here.

          Plenty of other articles in the news are available to educate you on NEW JERSEY rising crime rates under GOVERNOR Murphy.

  9. Many states have rising crime rates and police staffing challenges, especially in the post Covid world.

    They should update laws where needed, ENFORCE them as written and continue to police this growing issue.

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