Irreparable Harm From Margate Dunes for Summer Business? PODCAST.

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PODCAST: Should Margate ask the State to delay dune building til after the Summer? That’s what many at the recent Margate Commissioners meeting wanted to know. LISTEN >

Can we petition the State….without legal fees…to push the work back til after Labor Day? Otherwise, it will hurt real estate, restaurants, shop owners, summer vacationers say those who offered public comment. A big outcry could be coming.

Dunes in Margate. Outcry Over Potential Irreparable Harm to Summer Business & Vacationers.

Dune building to start soon. Condemnation proceedings, and the obtaining of easements are ‘well along the path’. But, what kind of compensation will be paid to Margate? That’s still unknown.

The Shore Protection Program. A judge would step in again…if proper dune building procedures are not followed in Margate.

Margate value of easement. Can always be contested. We can fight for more money, based on market value of land? Not much hope for more money.

Cause of Action against Army Corp of Engineers & State if dunes cause harm to Margate?

Still many fear of the ‘pooling’ of storm water run off, bottled up between the proposed dune and the bulkhead.

Army Corp & State claim: ‘Pooled’ water would dissipate within 24 hrs, Water will percolate down into sand. Most are skeptical about that claim.

Project taking place right in the heart of the high, summer season. Maybe seek an injunction to delay the dune project, push it back til after Summer?

Should Margate seek an INJUNCTION? That’s one door that could be tried. Push the work back til after Labor Day.

Commissioner John Amodeo has seen first hand what a project like this entails: Discussed at the pre-construction meeting.1,000 ft sections, fenced off one at at time, move 200 ft a day.

Commissioner John Amodeo : A 36 inch steel pipe down center of our beach. Totally intrusive. Horrible.  A mess for 1,000 ft. at a time. Hopefully, our beaches won’t have silt floating & dirty sand. It’s gonna be a mess. No other way to put it.

3 barges will be used to start project for Absecon Island.

  • ‘Hopper’ barges, a cleaner method being used for Margate
  • ‘Augers’ will being used in Atlantic City.

Dunes in Margate. Outcry Over Potential Irreparable Harm to Summer Business & Vacationers. Summers mean everything to us.

Heard at meeting: Can we still petition the State….without legal fees? Ask to push back til after Labor Day. Otherwise, we hurt Real Estate, restaurants, shop owners. Summer means everything. A big outcry could be coming.

Public comment from ‘Sharon’: Concern for property values. We already have a lot of protection from bulkheads. How much added protection do we get from adding the dunes? …vs views taken away…..etc.

Don’t put up the white flag yet.

Schedule of Work for Margate 2017 BEACH-FILL / DUNE PROJECT
  • June 2 – 22 :  Pre-placement condition surveys
  • June 6 – 19:  Setup pipeline and booster
  • June 23 – Aug 31:  Beachfill operations
  • Sept 1 – Sept 7:  Post placement condition surveys. Demobilize equipment & dredge

How does all this beach construction affect popular Margate events like BeachStock, 4th of July fireworks, or Lifeguard Races? The Army Corp of Engineers  & contractor Walters Marine would ‘make efforts’ to accommodate.

Another issue is the where the Margate Beach Patrol Building (in front of Lucy The Elephant) is located. Looks like it will have to be moved… to somewhere in front of the proposed dune.



1 thought on “Irreparable Harm From Margate Dunes for Summer Business? PODCAST.”

  1. Stephen Davidson Says:
    This should be interesting “Work on dune crossovers, dune grass planting and fencing would be done last.” after they build the dunes I want to see how the people get over the dunes with baby strollers, wheel chairs all that stuff. Will really be sad to watch as the people try to get to the beach for 4th of July. Might have to call off the summer of 2017

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