Is Margate Ready For Annual Teen Beach Blitz?

Pic: Ricky Report

Margate citizens concerned about repeat of last year. The annual Memorial Day weekend teen beach invasion. Will Memorial Day weekend 2019 be like 2018?

Listen to audio from Margate COMMISSIONERS MEETING of MARCH 21.

Margate Teen Beach Blitz 2019

Marc Alch of Margate Homeowners Association (MHA) addressed the 3 Commissioners about this issue. Alch said: Public Safety assured us they’re going to have more manpower to hopefully keep things better… than in the past. Residents of Margate must be responsible and be proactive. If you see a problem, call 911 sooner rather than later so they can address the situation.

Suggestion from meeting: People having homes with teenagers must also be responsible for their kids, grandkids and their friends. We all must try to work together so things don’t get out of hand.

Very little resident turn-out for this meeting. The MHA was there. They need your support, whether it be making important phone calls, coming to meetings, make your voices heard, or paying dues and joining the MHA.

Social Media Comment: I have experienced this scene first hand for the last several years. It is no big deal. People act like it is Genghis Khan and the Mongol hordes invading. It is just a bunch of kids standing around socializing. Yeah, some of them drink and there are a few low level scuffles. Big deal. Biggest problem is all the trash they leave.

Social Media Comment: The idea to have beach tags required on Memorial Day is good; at least the city will recoup the cost of police and trash pickup. The idea that the city cannot find half a dozen people to check tags for the weekend is ludicrous.

Social Media Comment: We all know were we went when it rained! However, there is no more movie theater, roller skating rink, Mary’s to play hours of skeet ball, or various destinations for libations!!!!

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