Is Your Real Estate Agent Still Wasting Money in Print?

Real Estate Agents and brokers keep using tired marketing tactics that no longer work? That’s what a respected Real Estate trade publication; Inman News, said recently. Despite the fact that only 1 percent of homebuyers found their home in print, real estate agents still spent $1.5 billion in newspapers last year.

To be sure, those strategies worked for a time … but that was before consumers had access to housing data & listing info on the Internet. Before listing data was easily available on the web, real estate agents had the luxury of waiting for consumers to contact them.

Only agents had the info consumers needed. The information wasn’t available through any other means. Consumers would ask the agent for information about a potential home to purchase or about selling their home, an opportunity that the agent would then turn into an appointment.

Most agents are still marketing like this. They’re waiting for the phone to ring … waiting for someone to walk in the office … waiting for an email to arrive in their inbox so they can react to the opportunity.

In today’s digital age, we can no longer be reactive. It’s crucial for every real estate professional to proactively market by meeting the consumers where they are … which is no longer lining up outside your door.

The good news is that with almost 100 percent of homebuyers using the Internet during their home search, it’s easy to know where they’ve gone — online.

While this information is primarily targetted to real estate execs, you may want to register and watch this webinar.

Tuesday, July 14 > “Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Age,” hosted by GoodLife Realty.

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