Island Aqua Park Makes Big Splash in Margate

The Island Aqua Park on Amherst Ave in Margate is open every day pending weather conditions.

  • First come, first serve.
  • No reservations.
  • Price: $35 for 1 hr, 2 hrs for $50.
  • Must be at least 6 yrs of age.

Island Aqua Park on Amherst Ave in Margate is always fully staffed with certified lifeguards trained in first aid and CPR.

Storms or threat of high winds, lightning, or rain will close the park.

Hours change daily due to tides, water movement, wind and/or weather.

See schedule here.

Island Aqua Park.

9501 Amherst Ave, Margate. Call 609-602-6793. Email: .

Must wear a provided or approved life jacket. Everyone must sign a waiver. Those under 18 must bring a parent to sign. The parent doesn’t have to stay.

Pay by credit card, Apple Pay, chip, swipe, or tap. No cash accepted.

My kids had a great time. Wanted to thank your life guards for being so awesome with helping the kids.

Monica M. l.

NOTE: Lifeguards must be respected and obeyed at all times or you’ll be asked to leave.

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