Joe Fussner is New Ventnor Police Chief, as Doug Biagi Retires.

Commissioner Landgraf, Chief Fussner, Commissioner Kriebel

Ventnor welcomes Captain Joe Fussner as the new Chief of Police, starting Jan. 1, 2022.

Fussner steps up as Chief Doug Biagi retires after a 35 year career inside the Ventnor Police Department.

Fussner joined VCPD in 1997. Due to a strong work ethic, Fussner moved up to sergeant in 2012, lieutenant in 2014 and became a Ventnor Police captain in 2019.

Ventnor commissioners approved Chief Fussner’s base salary of $149,605.

Biagi began his career with VCPD in 1988 and was named Police Chief in 2017. Biagi is the current president of the Ventnor Board of Education.

Ventnor Police Chief Joe Fussner
Biagi (L)

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