Keeping Close Eye on Downbeach 2nd Homeowner Properties

Downbeach Properties.

Like most Jersey shore towns, Downbeach 2nd homeowners make up the growing majority. Approx 75% of residential properties in Ventnor, Margate & Longport are owned by those with a primary residence, elsewhere.

How do seasonal residents keep an eye on their property during the off-season? Many consider so-called ‘home-watch’ services.

Home watch is not a security or house sitting service. It’s more like an added level of security for your real estate investment. A set of eyes on your summer home when you’re not there.

A trusted professional checks your home on a regular basis. Offers visual inspections. Looks for potential issues, some of them not so obvious. Slow leaks, emerging cracks, fire hazards, compromised doors and windows, and more.

Once a problem is spotted, the homeowner is immediately contacted and is offered recommendations on how to resolve the issue.

Beware. The Home Watch profession is still in it’s infancy. An unclassified, unregulated industry. No requirements like insurance or bonding. No reporting standards or best practices. In short, no accountability.

That’s all changing with official ‘Home Watch’ certification programs.

Locally owned and operated, Beach Watch has been providing home watch services since 1998.

Ventnor Boardwalk

National Home Watch Association

  • Protect public from uninsured, unbonded and unethical individuals who represent themselves as Home Watch professionals.

Beach Watch had to pass a strict vetting process that includes:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Proper insurance coverage
  • General andprofessional liability
  • Proper bonding
  • Consumer complaint checks

That’s why you need to be extra cautious when considering a home watch service.

Beach Watch

Call 609-266-1600 — eMail: [email protected] . Beach Watch also provides concierge services, working with licensed contractors for carpentry, plumbing and electrical work.

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  1. I prefer to check on my own house and spend equal time in both homes throughout the year as much as possible.

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