Candidates for Ventnor Commission; Kriebel, Holtzman, Landgraf

2016-01-02_20-16-14Tim Kriebel, Beth Maccagnano-Holtzman and Lance Landgraf are running for the Ventnor City Commission. The election is May 10.

Platform: Ventnor city government must live within its means, foster an environment that promotes economic growth, behave ethically in its business dealings, and protect our precious natural resources while balancing them with the needs of the community.

From the Imagine Ventnor website:

Taxation and Budget

Like our hardworking families in Ventnor Heights and from Jackson to Fredericksburg Avenues and from the Boardwalk to the bay, Ventnor City government must set a budget that does not exceed its income. We must take a common sense approach that properly aligns how much we spend with how much tax revenue we bring in. Taxpayers live within these parameters every day, and our government must do so as well.

We support:

  • Using un-budgeted and nonrecurring surplus tax revenues, if any to assist with tax reductions and/or pay down the City’s debt.
  • Shared services with neighboring communities to reduce duplication of services and to reduce the costs associated with many municipal services.
  • Involving all stakeholders in a comprehensive review of the City’s existing expenditures and policies to determine where reform is needed to:
  • Ensure a fair and balanced tax structure that does not overburden citizens or businesses.
  • Raises sufficient revenue for government priorities at the level at which the programs and services are provided.

Economic Development

Imagine Ventnor with strong and thriving business districts from North Beach through Ventnor Avenue to the South end. Imagine Ventnor as an integral part of the Absecon Island and Atlantic County economies. Imagine Ventnor with a thriving real estate market for primary residences and second homes.

We do. And we believe that all levels of government should conduct regular periodic reviews of all regulations and ordinances to assess the continued relevancy and efficacy of these regulations, with a particular emphasis on eliminating those that unnecessarily hinder development and economic growth.

We support continued focus on maintaining and improving the city’s quality of life and overall economic climate through strategic economic development efforts, including:

  • Joining the Atlantic County Strategic Economic Development Plan and its efforts to serve the existing business community, attract new businesses and generate new jobs in the County.
  • Promoting arts, tourism and cultural opportunities both through government and private entities.
  • Increasing use of public-private economic development partnerships to facilitate and encourage economic revitalization or redevelopment.

Environment and Land Use

The environment is Ventnor’s single greatest natural and economic resource. Families travel from around the world to enjoy our world class beaches and waterways while supporting local businesses and the economy.

We believe environmental protection should begin with educational efforts aimed at encouraging environmental stewardship by all citizens and organizations. Voluntary efforts of businesses, organizations and individuals are crucial to protect the environment – and are more effective in strengthening the quality of life in Ventnor than unnecessarily burdensome and costly regulations that offer only marginal benefits to the environment.

We support:

  • Reviewing the City’s Master Plan as amended as the principal tool for guiding development and redevelopment.
  • Expeditious adoption of amendments to the Master Plan and land use regulations to facilitate economically-viable redevelopment.
  • Streamlined administrative development review processes, annual updates to the Land Use regulations.
  • Promotion of sound planning principles:
  • To sustain economic vitality and preserve green space.
  • Encourage developers to incorporate geothermal, solar, LEED, use of recycled materials and other energy efficient and resilient designs.
  • Protection of established neighborhoods.


Finally, we support an open, honest and responsive city government that listens to the concerns of families, organizations and businesses – one that acts on the best interests of the community with integrity. We strongly support a legal and regulatory framework that requires and clearly defines the highest standards of ethical behavior and accountability for all government officials – whether elected or appointed, and at all levels of government. That includes:

  • Creating open, fair and competitive bidding processes.
  • Supporting the use of both public and private sector resources to meet key government needs.
  • When possible, all levels of government should look to the private sector as providers of products and services, especially in those areas where the private sector can do the job.

From the Imagine Ventnor website.


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