Neighbors Shocked at Massiveness of New Lamberti’s on Amherst in Margate

Neighbors Shocked at Massiveness of New Lamberti's on Amherst in Margate 1 Neighbors Shocked at Massiveness of New Lamberti's on Amherst in Margate
Pic by Dusty Miller.

Most had no idea that Margate Planning Board, Mayor Becker & Commissioners Amodeo & Blumberg approved this massive rebuild of Lamberti’s on Amherst. Ave.

Sure, most knew it was being rebuilt, but not at this size and scale.

Slowly, the last remaining public views of water are going away.

The Lamberti’s deal was problematic from the get-go. Financing issues, handing over of Margate property to a private developer, lack of parking, etc.

This project met Margate Solicitor Abbott’s approval.

Margate Zoning Officer Roger McLarnon and the Margate Planning Board voted YES to this project.

The back-bays of Margate are slowly being hidden from view. Unless you pay to enjoy them.

A few years back, the 3 Margate Commissioners tried to sneak thru a high-rise next to Lucy the Elephant. The plans leaked out, and they retreated.

This time around, local leadership succeeded in their continual quest to develop every square inch of Margate.

Pic by Dusty Miller.


20 thoughts on “Neighbors Shocked at Massiveness of New Lamberti’s on Amherst in Margate”

  1. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Margate’s Mayor and Commissioners selfish corruption knows no bounds. They have always gotten their way as they sneakily slide what they want thru.

    They answer to no one and get re-elected over and over. Wake up, Margate residents!

  2. It doesn't matter

    Such a shame. Do we really need another restaurant!
    What abou the residents that live right there?
    Their beautiful views are gone !!!!
    That’s a disgrace.

    Margate is not so Marvelous anymore.

  3. Joanne Killian

    It just goes on and on. How did that huge building closing in our waterways benefit the citizens of Margate? No More View. Its outrageous.

    1. It’s a disgrace that they have blocked the views. The people of Margate clearly don’t want an overly commercial area at the expense of quality For their town. Vote these greedy losers out of office. Summer residents who own homes should be able to vote also. Everything is done in a sneaky underhanded way.

    2. Playitstraight

      Meh… unless you were on the deck INSIDE Lambertis you couldn’t see the water in front of Lambertis before either. Now it’s longer but who’s street side view of the water is really blocked. Someone inside Memories ??? I don’t get it ?? I don’t care where on Amherst you stand in front of the new Lambertis, you willStillBe able to have to see the water (unless your looking through a Captain ????‍✈️ Flint eyeglass focusing your eyeballs on a small spot.) Nonsense. Looking forward to a much better Lambertis (it was wasted before given the views. Bad staff. Bad food. With all this investment they’ll be open year round and have full time staff that won’t turn over every weekend hopefully.

  4. Wake up. You re-elected these 3 corrupt Amigos who practically told you they were going to continue to steal your money, and you still voted for them.

    You put all your energy into complaining about beaches and boardwalks. Fix this rampant corruption and those issues will be resolved.

    Someone inside Margate city government (who is not on the take) needs to file a whistle-blower complaint, but I doubt that person exists.

  5. Oh please, follow the money. Who paid the most and made donations to campaigns.

  6. There was always a restaurant there. No one is “adding” a new one. The plan was always for it to be rebuilt, storms hastened the demolition. Also the plan was always to include a 2 story facility that can cater small events weddings, showers etc.

    In addition a condition of the plan was for owner to rebuild bulkhead and marina.

    Because construction finally started does not change the fact that this was approved and now it’s “bothering” you.

  7. No respect for the people or most importantly the environment! Shame on them and their disrespectful approach to our city!

  8. Not Bad!! Between the State and the City of Margate, the residents are being surrounded by lousy views of the beach and the bay.

  9. And how about that ugly golf course in the middle of our once beautiful town who gave that ok

    1. If you want to enjoy a bay front view, pay for a home on the bay or go to this restaurant that was ALREADY THERE.
      I can’t wait to go —it really needed an update. The food is good and the workers have always been really nice.

  10. Peter Griffin

    Wow that a huge new restaurant. Maybe i can get reservations in the summer since all the other fine ones are usually booked.

  11. PUBLIC ACCESS is a requirement of this facility. Ask Solicitor Abbot about how this is going to be protected as required by the law and history of this property.

  12. Who got paid off to allow such horrible massive building in little ‘ol Margate.
    2 + block long restaurant and a crappy inflatable water park.
    Where will they park? Anyone have an answer?

    1. I think our leaders are doing a fine job. Too bad the high rise deal did not get passed.
      Muary Blumberg for Senate???
      Keep up the good work !

  13. Don’t worry the way the progress is going it won’t be opened until next year maybe.

  14. The answer is BOYCOTT the place. Just one more restaurant we don’t need. Maybe the next
    storms will give us abetter view. Time will tell!!

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