Lawsuit Could Expose More Ugly Detail into Atlantic City Student Sex Abuse

Attlantic City Ventnor Schools Mayor Holtzman
Student Sex Abuse

Did an Atlantic City principal (LaQuetta Small) avoid calling local police (her duty) to report her cousin (a substitute teacher) for having sleep-overs with a young student?

Lawfirm of Porzio, Bromberg & Newman was hired in October 2020 to investigate just what happened in that situation.

From what we understand, a so-called ‘Porzio Investigation’ report has yet to be released to the public.

It’s possible the Porzio report was already provided to members of the Atlantic City School Board. That would include the Ventnor rep (appointed by Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman) that sits on the AC Board of Education.

Past and current Ventnor reps have often been the ‘swing vote’ on divisive issues. (Kim Bassford, Joe McDevitt, Michael Advena, Michael Cupeles)

According to BREAKINGAC, details of the investigation have not been made public, but that could change as the case moves through civil court.

Porzio now alleges the AC School board failed to pay $103,706.05 in services rendered, despite encouraging the ongoing investigation and the law firm providing “timely invoices to the Board,” the suit filed earlier this month states.

Ventnor taxpayers send 191 students to Atlantic City High School at an annual cost of $4mil.

Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman supported and endorsed LaQuetta Small to be the AC school district superintendant even though Small was one of many defendants in an ongoing, student sex abuse lawsuit.

LaQuetta Small is spouse of Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small.

The Small’s have denied knowledge of any sexual abuse.


Breaking AC


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