Margate Vet; Mark Newkirk’s Focus on EHT Facility

MargateThe last couple of years at the Margate Animal Hospital have been a little crazy. I sold the practice in May of 2011, and then in June of 2013, the new doctor informed me he was shutting down the practice. I had a decision to make: let my practice of 30 years go under, or come back and try to resurrect the client base.

First, thank you all so much for sticking with me or returning. This was so gratifying to me and the staff.

But the expense of maintaining two separate facilities, in Margate and Egg Harbor Township – with two X-ray machines, labs, sets of equipment, staffs, pharmacies, etc., generates a huge overhead. Plus, without a full-time staff, in Margate, hospitalizing pets or doing complicated surgery was not practical or safe, so all those pets went to the EHT office. And at age 62, I am trying to work a little less, not a lot more. The stress and time of running two facilities has taken a toll on me.

So I have made the decision to combine the practices at the larger, more fully equipped and staffed hospital in EHT. We are much more able to provide full service there plus night care.

I sincerely hope you understand this decision, for it was not an easy one to make. Margate has been my “home” since I was age 14, when I came to this practice to clean cages and mop floors, so my history here has been almost 50 years. It is difficult to leave, but for all the above reasons, I think it is the right decision.

I welcome you all to come visit, and I sincerely wish to remain your pet’s doctor and your friend and confidant. I will continue to see patients in Margate through the month of January. A staff person will be available through the month of February. All records will be transported to the EHT office.

Mark D. Newkirk

  • Newkirk Family Veterinarians
  • 3085 English Creek Avenue, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
  • (609) 645-2120

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