Local vs Shoobie. A Downbeach Resident Perspective


Found this Local vs Shoobie comment from Ventnor resident; J.M.

I grew up in Ventnor. Lived there from 1971- 1996.

18 years later in 2014, my husband and I purchased a condo in Ventnor.

Now living in PA full time, with weekends in Ventnor.

I have a new perspective on the Local v. Shoobie mentality.

And bottom line is… there are jerks everywhere!

Everyone should be more respectful to one another. People who own second homes in Ventnor support the local economy. They pay property taxes. They have no say (voting rights) in the community.

Locals should try to be a little nicer to those that visit.

I know many business owners who are very nice to visitors. It’s a good sales boost. But if locals could take the chip off their shoulders, and just deal with vacationers that don’t know the “lay of the land”, that could help boost morale & business too.

All of this being said – there will always be people that do not respect where they are, they probably don’t respect their full time community either. But this is not just limited to shoobies!

I actually consider myself a ‘shocal’. Half shoobie, Half local.

We all just need to get along. Lose the attitudes. Be respectful of one another.

I take pride in my new weekend home in Ventnor. I love spending my money locally in my former hometown. Ventnor is just in my blood.

J. M.