Longer Margate Fishing Pier Would Feature Public Access

Margate Fishing Pier Army Corp of Engineers

Longer and stronger. The private, 500 ft Margate Fishing Pier is likely to get an extra 125 ft of angler enjoyment.

NJ DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) Green Acres program could soon provide funds to fix problems brought about by regular dredging and sand pumping in the area.

There’s one condition though. The State of NJ will pick up the tab as long as half the pier is open to all.

For the first time in nearly 100 years, a portion of Margate’s Fishing Pier at Exeter Ave could soon be open to the general public.

These new rules would go into effect upon the pier’s acceptance of $850,000 state grant, aka ‘Green Acres’ funding.

The current Margate Fishing Pier could be extended by at least 125 feet.

The pier and clubhouse at Exeter Ave, officially known as the Anglers Club of Absecon Island, has 125 members who pay $320 per year.

The City of Margate will be responsible for maintenance of this section of pier. We might just see benches and picnic tables too.

Mayor Becker, and Commissioners Amodeo and Blumberg: have yet to comment on how the pier project could tie into the potential rebuild of Margate’s Boardwalk.

Public questions:

  • What about public right of way between bulkhead and dune?
  • Do we need a beach tag to enjoy the pier?
  • How will the public access the pier? The City will construct a staircase that ascends from the beach to the pier. At this point, there is no plan for direct access from the street end.

According to Press of Atlantic City: Margate Fishing Pier public access will only be allowed from April thru October. Hmmm. If true, we’re pretty sure the DEP won’t like hearing that.

Watch Margate Fishing Pier Video from 2017 :


Controversial dredging and sand pumping during the summer of 2017 disrupted much of the fishing and undersea marine life in that area. Within 6 months, a majority of that sand had already washed away, much of it ending up in the back bays and channels of Longport and Margate.

During low tides, the Margate fishing pier is high and dry. Even at high tide, it’s really not much better.

An official agreement for the project still needs to be voted on by the Margate Commissioners.

Margate Beach replenishment was not only expensive and disruptive, it was vehemently opposed by most oceanfront and beach block property owners. Margatians never really wanted man-made dunes, fully aware that most storm damage come from back bay flooding, over-development, and chronic drainage issues.

Members of the The Anglers Club would like to make the pier even longer. They’ll need to raise those funds themselves.

Work on the Margate Pier extension could begin Fall 2019.

Visit the Margate Fishing Pier open house:  July 27 and Aug. 24 from 10a to 11:30a.

4 thoughts on “Longer Margate Fishing Pier Would Feature Public Access”

  1. $320 a year for a membership? Ventnor Pier is so much better and charges almost half of that. If they consider dropping the prices, they would get more revenue in the long run.

    1. Jeff Rutizer, President Of Matgate Fishing Puer

      The Margate Pier gives you many more amenities such as a clubhouse with a full kitchen, refrigerators and freezers, tables and chairs, lockers, bathrooms, shower, shed to store your beach chairs, bait and tackles shop sales, areas to store your bait

  2. I’m happy the NJDEP has seen fit to use Green Acres $$. to fix another issue that the Beach Project created. I hope when and if Margate decides it needs a new BW to fix other Project created problems we will also be able to tap Green Acres funds to offset some of the costs.

  3. USERS SHOULD PAY FOR THE PIER. I always wondered why the fishing pier could be on public land and remain a private club. It never appeared to me that the club was of any benefit to the general public and Margate residents and visitors. If Margate accepts the funds some people will have some access to the pier. Most Margations do not fish, yet it sounds like all property owners will pay for pier through tax dollars. If this goes through I’d like a fee for use of the pier do we don’t all have to pay for this.

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