Longport Beaches Filled with Dredge Pipes and Army Corp Contractors

Longport beaches are now filled with pipes, bulldozers and diesel tanks. Dredging and beachfill operations have begun on the beaches of 30th St, Manor Ave, Pelham Ave, 29th, 28th and 27th.

The Army Corp of Engineers plan to dredge and vacuum sand from the ocean floor, just off of 29th Street. The ‘slurry’ will be pumped north to Margate to finish the dune on this part of Absecon Island.

It’s unknown how the planned outfall drainage project in Margate will affect Longport. Also unknown if the Longport dune will be placed closer to bulkheads, or will the dune be built straight down the middle, effectively cutting the ‘usable’ beach in half.

The revetment project along 11th street in Longport looks to be completed. Revetment is the placement of large jetty rocks along the coast, in order to protect against heavy surf.

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