Longport Commission Meeting Minutes Nov. 17, 2017

Here is a draft of the Longport Commission Meeting Minutes of Nov. 17, 2017.

This meeting was called pursuant to the provisions of the Open Public Meetings law.

Roll call: Russo and Lawler present, Leeds absent. Also present were Solicitor Agnellini, CFO Kelly, Deputy Clerk Kyle, Municipal Clerk Strawder, Engineer Carter. Future Municipal Clerk Conlon also in attendance.

Download PDF: Longport Commissioners Meeting Minutes 11-17-17


Longport Dune Project and Dredge Issues

Engineer Carter discussed the beach fill updated. The dredge is being refueled in New York and will return soon. The Site is currently five miles away where they are acquiring sand for the dune, requiring the dredge to move up and down the coast. The revetment project is completed, under budget and on time. We should recover monies from FEMA.


Solicitor Agnellini discussed nodes that are intended to be placed on utility poles throughout Longport at ten sites. Three sites no longer have utility poles and alternatives have been requested. Solicitor Agnellini requested Commission review the proposed sites and to be discussed at next workshop on December 14th for the aesthetic impact. Verizon needs consent from Longport to place equipment on the poles.

Mayor Russo asked a question about the eye level boxes on the utility poles and was informed by the Solicitor that they are Comcast boxes and as Comcast is a public utility there is nothing we can do about them.

Regarding the Atlantic Avenue parking litigation, Solicitor Agnellini has to meet
with the opposing parties counsel and set a date and hopefully resolve the litigation.

Also upcoming is the fifty year franchise agreement with Verizon which should be addressed after the utility pole issue and should also consider the removal of old lines which are no longer being used. Solicitor Agnellini also commented that Comcast promised to remove their old lines when they signed their franchise agreement but never did and he is attempting to find a way to compel them to do so without instituting litigation.


Murray Bevitz of 15 South Colgate Avenue – Regarding the node issue Mr. Bevitz cautioned that some municipalities have surrendered a lot of rights and the nodes look bad and that the Commission should proceed cautiously.

Sabrina Blankenship of 1204 Atlantic Avenue inquired about the trial LED lights for street poles. Engineer Carter indicated that it is to be further discussed in upcoming workshops and that it has not yet been instituted.

Ms. Blankenship also inquired about the Verizon nodes and the size and shape. Solicitor Agnellini answered indicating that we can limit the size and shape by contract and we are trying to locate the nodes in areas with limited visibility or on public buildings. If the nodes were located on available public buildings the borough would also receive a rental fee.

Murray Bevits of 15 South Colgate Avenue – Indicated that Verizon would want to install in certain areas only. Solicitor Agnellini indicated that this was correct but that some of the selected sites by Verizon are no longer present. Engineer Carter indicated that there are still issues to discuss at the upcoming December 14 workshop. Mayor Russo also indicated that they did not want to have another Comcast issue and that unused existing wires should also be removed. Solicitor Agnellini indicated that one of the goals is to remove all existing unused old wires and further elaborated that unfortunately the nodes cannot be located underground and they are to transmit wireless signals through the air.

Mary Nugent 2604 Oberon Avenue – Commended Municipal Clerk Strawder as “having set the bar for Municipal Clerks in this community and thanked Municipal Clerk Strawder for her dedication and service to the community. Ms. Nugent also commended Public Works for doing a good job. Ms. Nugent inquired about 2017-25 regarding realty signs and discussed with Mayor Russo and Engineer Carter the need for the signs ordinance and the limitations it places. Ms. Nugent also requested a crosswalk to be painted in front of Winchester House to the parking lot.

Engineer Carter indicated public works would follow up on that. Ms. Nugent also commented that if Verizon is up for a franchise agreement that in addition homeowner’s can call Verizon and have Verizon remove old landlines connecting to the house.

She also indicated the issue should be brought to Town Topics. Ms. Nugent next inquired if the 11th Street Bulkhead is privately owned due to a sign at that location. Engineer Carter indicated that the sign is old and that the ends of all streets are public access and that the sign would be taken care of.

Ms. Nugent strenuously objected to the selling of any public property by the borough and promised to champion resistance to any such sale indicating that she did not want a return to the Howard Kupperman days. She also indicated that the proposed sale sites are places people use as public access when the time comes in and is too high. Solicitor Agnellini indicated that this would no longer be an issue due to the dune project. Ms. Nugent again objected to any sale of any public lands citing that communities are nationwide attempting to reclaim lands for the public.

Respectfully submitted,

Matthew Conlon/ Acting Municipal Clerk


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