Longport Commissioners OK Dining Tents for Ozzie’s and Catch.

Longport Commissioners OK Dining Tents for Ozzie's and Catch. 1 Longport Commissioners OK Dining Tents for Ozzie's and Catch.

Giving into public pressure and 300 signatures on a petition, Longport Commissioners approved the request for Ozzie’s Luncheonette and Catch Restaurant to use dining tents on their sidewalk during the summer of 2022.

On Wednesday, May 19, Mayor Nick Russo had to consider the interection of outdoor dining, good looks, and public safety.

Longport Commissioners want the those 7 parking spaces back. A safe, pedestrian walkway is needed as well.

Lekie Nika of Ozzie’s Luncheonette and Joe Tucker of Catch were on hand to make their case.

Longport Commissioners will allow dining tents, once again, for Summer 2022.

A petition with 300 signatures showed strong support for the dining tents.

Longport allows outdoor dining, but not with a tent on public property.

Longport features a mini-commercial district consisting of a Real Estate office, Ozzie’s and Catch.

The restaurants, Ozzies and Catch, want to keep their outdoor dining under a tent just like the last two years.


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