Longport Commissioners Run Un-Opposed Again As Voter Roles Plummet

Longport Commissioners
Longport Leadership

Longport Commissioners Mayor Nick Russo, Jim Leeds and Dan Lawler are gunning for a 4th consecutive term in the upcoming Nov. 3 election.

Will the 3 incumbent, Longport Commissioners face opposition? So far, that answer is no. The substantial decrease of full-time residency contributes to that issue.

Want to run for a Longport commission seat? The deadline to file is Monday, Aug. 31.

Each term is 4 years. All 3 current commissioners have been in office since 2008.

  • Mayor Nick Russo: Commissioner of Public Affairs and Public Safety.
  • Daniel Lawler: Commissioner of Public Works, Parks and Public Property.
  • James Leeds: Commissioner of Revenue and Finance.

Longport, NJ has a year round population of less than 500. The rest are seasonal with no local voting rights or direct representation. (unless they change their primary residence to Longport.

As of 2011, there were 774 registered voters in Longport.

In 2018, the average Longport property tax bill of $10,872 was the highest in the county. This is compared to an average tax bill of $8,767 statewide.

For kindergarten through eighth grade, public school students from Longport attend the Margate City Schools as part of a sending/receiving relationship.


Mayor Russo is a former Atlantic City police officer. Leeds has a home construction background. Lawler is a salesman.

Mayor and Commissioners
2305 Atlantic Avenue
Longport, NJ 08403
(609) 823-2731

Mayor Nicholas Russo 
Director of Public Works, Parks and Public Property, and Public Affairs
(609) 823-2731 Ext. 100

Commissioner James P. Leeds 
Director of Revenue and Finance
(609) 823-2731 Ext. 106

Commissioner Daniel Lawler 
Director of Public Safety
(609) 823-2731 Ext. 122

Please click here for the Longport Board of Commissioners 2020 Meeting Schedule.

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