Longport Considers Short-Term Rental Restrictions

Longport Short Term Rentals
Short-Term Rental Rules.

Longport now considering restrictions on short-term rentals. Commissioners may soon mandate a 7-day, minimum rental stay.

Currently, Longport has NO minimum rental stay. Visitors can rent for as little as one night.

According to Press of AC, local Realtors would like to see a minimum stay of 1 or 2 weeks written into the ordinance.

Without proper guidelines and enforcement, short-term rental websites like Airbnb and VRBO can quickly turn a Downbeach neighborhood into a multi-unit motel business managed by absentee landlords.

Longport, Margate, Ventnor, Short-Term Rental rules

Longport Police say the borough having no nuisance rental issues so far.

Neighbors want stricter regulations and better enforcement of those short-term rental rules.

Rowdy parties, late night noise and overcrowding on the rental property.

Margate has a one-week minimum stay for short-term rentals

Ventnor may soon mandate a 2, 3 or 7 day minimum rental stay.

Ventnor uses a company called ‘Host Compliance’ to track rentals and monitor compliance with local law. Ventnor has well over 400 short-term rentals. Landlords use a mix of Airbnb, Vrbo, Real Estate agents.

Longport still blocks ZOOM online participation during public meetings.

Longport Considers Short-Term Rental Restrictions 1 Longport Considers Short-Term Rental Restrictions


1 thought on “Longport Considers Short-Term Rental Restrictions”

  1. I live in Longport. We have several homes that rent their properties all summer long. We are ALL overwhelmed with cars.

    Us locals can’t even park in front of our own house. Plus, loud kid parties that are not supervised with liquor.

    The Mayor and Police say there are no issues… Shame on them.

    All of our neighbors have called and filed report for all of this ..And no action taken.

    Its all about the money… realtors & town stuffing there pockets.. What happen to our quiet Longport neighborhood?

    Us locals pay taxes.

    All neighbors want stricter regulations and better enforcement of those yearly rental rules.

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