Longport Considers Vacation Rental Challenges with AirBnB.

Mayor Nick Russo and the Longport Commissioners are reviewing the town’s rental ordinance and how home owners can rent their properties.

Longport may want to limit certain short-term vacation rentals, especially those related to web-based programs like VRBO, Craigslist and AirBnB.

Longport requires all homeowners who want to rent out their homes…. to have rental certificate of occupancy to ensure properties have smoke and CO2 detectors.

Real estate agents often assist in this situation.

Homeowners who prefer to rent their homes using AirBnB or other web-based rental sites, must comply a well.

A rental certificate fee is $75. You’ll be fined up to $500 if you don’t have one.

No changes to city ordinance until after summer 2019.

AirBnB issue: neighboring condo owners often wonder if visitors are relatives or friends of other property owners. Increase of transients. Concerns for safety and security.

Recent situations have placed Airbnb and other rental websites under the spotlight. Neighbors fear out-of-control parties on the weekends. Loud noise, trash and parking issues have been raised.

Longport property owners have noted the lack of meeting recordings, similar to Margate, Atlantic City and Ocean City. By recording the audio from both commissioner and planning board meetings, it provides greater transparency and community involvement from taxpayers, many of whom are part-time residents with no voting rights.

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