Longport Could Save $78k in Annual Court Costs

Longport Leadership

Will Longport commissioners take the discount offered by Margate, or join the far less costly, Atlantic County court system?

Longport could save $78k annually if they join the consolidated Atlantic County Municipal Court.

Back in June, Longport told Margate that it might not renew their deal. Instead, they would join the county system starting Jan 2023.

Critics claim that Longport, along with towns including Brigantine and Margate have opted to protect more costly, local job positions.

Court sessions regarding simple matters are held in Mays Landing, as well as remotely via computer kiosk.

Margate Cuts Sweet Deal for Longport to Stay Out of County Court System.

Margate cut a sweeter deal for Longport to keep them out of the county system.

Longport’s Mayor Russo likes the new deal with Margate.

Atlantic County Central Municipal Court System.

Margate trying to keep Longport in the Margate court system.

  • Longport meeting on Sept. 21.
  • Margate meeting on Sept. 1.
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2 thoughts on “Longport Could Save $78k in Annual Court Costs”

  1. Joe & Linda Di girolamo

    Anytime you can save money in a city or township it’s a good idea.
    However we need to know the down sude what will Longpirt lose

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