Longport Finally Decides to Post Audio From Commissioner Meetings

After years of residential pestering, elected Longport officials have finally decided to post audio from their commissioner meetings. Anyone can now listen on demand from their computer, smart phone or most any other web-connected device.

Listen. Longport Meeting Audio. Aug. 21, 2019

Next step: make these audio recordings more clear. More listenable. While somewhat audible, much of the recorded conversation is difficult to follow. Longport needs to address this asap.

Recording and posting of municipal meetings is no longer a luxury. It’s a critical part of municipal transparency as a majority of taxpayers can’t attend meetings due to work schedules or off-season residency. Nonetheless, they want to follow City Hall action, and participate via the Internet.

Note: after 3 years of taxpayer requests, Ventnor finally installed a professional recording system inside their municipal meeting chambers. Ventnor Commissioner meetings are now properly recorded and posted for later viewing. Next step for Ventnor: Record and post the Planning Board and School Board meetings. Ventnor Commissioners Landgraf and Ventnor Business Admin Mento have been slow to institute these common procedures.

Longport needs to catch up to the rest of Absecon Island. Cost is no longer an issue. The technology is easy to install and simple to operate.

THURS, AUG 1, 2019 – 8:30a

  • Nicholas Russo present
  • James P. Leeds, Sr. absent
  • Daniel Lawler present

Mayor Russo noted that the meeting began at 8:40 am. Engineer Carter noted that he was with the Solicitor at a meeting with several property owners to discuss Ordinance 2019-13 – An Ordinance Authorizing Execution of a Deed of Dedication and Perpetual Public Access Easement Over Street Ends and Beach for Public Access to Tidal Waters in the Borough of Longport. Commissioner Lawler said that the solicitor provided an update, noting that he was not ready to introduce the easement ordinance at the next meeting.

Engineer Carter also noted that the Solicitor was addressing some wording issues with the ordinance and is also looking into narrowing the width of the easement. He also discussed concerns with explanatory issues regarding the levels of dedication for the borough and property owners, and how any street vacation would not affect subsequent owners. Mayor Russo noted that the beach access easements seem to have been addressed already. Engineer Carter noted that the NJ DEP appears to be expanding its requirements.

Longport Engineer Carter discussed a vacant land analysis for the Council On Affordable Housing (COAH). He said he received a proposal from a company that prepared a similar report for Avalon, adding that the cost was approximately $2,000. He recommended using this company as they have experience with barrier islands, such as Longport. Engineer Carter noted that Solicitor Agnellini had been in contact with Robert Merenich, Esq., for this type of report. He noted that he needed to discuss this with Solicitor Agnellini and that he may have a resolution for award ready for the next meeting.

Mayor and Commissioners
2305 Atlantic Avenue, Longport, NJ 08403
(609) 823-2731

Mayor Nicholas Russo
Director of Public Affairs and Public Safety
(609) 823-2731 Ext. 104

Commissioner James P. Leeds
Director of Revenue/Finance, Parks and Public Property
(609) 823-2731 Ext. 106

Commissioner Daniel Lawler
Director of Public Works and Human Resources
(609) 823-2731 Ext. 122

Longport operates under the borough type of government under the Walsh Act of 1911. Three non-partisan commissioners are elected at large for a four year term.

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