Longport OK’s Dogs on Beach in Early Morning

Longport has updated it’s dog ordinance. Owners are now allowed to walk their leashed dogs on the beach 6:30 to 8:30a, from May 1 to Sept. 30.

As of OCT 1, thru April 30, leashed pets are permitted at anytime, on the beaches of Longport.

Ventnor prohibits dog walking on the boardwalk at anytime. The ordinance is rarely enforced, as per Mayor Beth Holtzman.

From May 15 to Sept. 30, leashed dogs are allowed on the beaches of Ventnor from 7p. to 9p. along the high tide line.

From October thru May, leashed dogs are allowed on Ventnor beaches at any time during the day, along the high tide line.

Margate prohibits dogs on the beach at any time. Get caught walking Fido, and you could face a $100 fine.

7 thoughts on “Longport OK’s Dogs on Beach in Early Morning”

  1. Dog owners in Margate need at least a reminder that dogs and their droppings are NOT ALLOWED on the new “mini-boardwalk” along the Bay.

  2. That’s just great! Now children can go and play on the beach just after a dog did it’s business who knows where!!

  3. A message to people who think letting their dog run free on the beach or the streets is somehow their God given right. IT’S NOT!

    Over the course of the last few years, I had to confront more then a few “wild” dogs on the beach, streets & the Ventnor Boardwalk, it’s never a pleasant experience.

    I’ve been bitten twice and had a few other close calls.

    The sad fact is that dogs can be dangerous animals when not properly supervised. It’s not the dogs fault that their either untrained or poorly trained, it’s their owners fault and they are legally liable for any damage or harm these animals inflict on others.

    Most dog owners I encounter walk their dogs on a leash and are respectful of others, it’s only a few that don’t seem to care.

    The owners of these dogs need to be dealt with by the authorities.

  4. Tired of the poo

    Longport didn’t seem to care about any resident’s concerns on this issue, only the “gold ole boy” mentality of passing a resolution to benefit a very few year round residents.

    Listen to the audio of public comments and you’ll hear multiple people admit that they see other dogs poo, and off their leashes regularly.

    Even the township’s own building inspector stated that he “takes his dog on the beach 24/7/365…I know we sneak on the beach”.

    Clearly, he knows the law and simply doesn’t care. Elitists like this always think rules are for everyone else.

    The town council should be ashamed for putting the interests of a few year round residents ahead of the general public’s.

  5. Longport has beach cleaned every morning.

    Allowing dogs on a leash should not be permitted on the beach from May – to the end of Sept

    Some owners don’t clean up after their dig, even on a leash. They can take them to dog beach in EHT.

    The Mayor and council will continue to hear complaints until they change it.

    No dogs on the beach in the summer.

  6. Phil from Ventnor

    Dogs on the boardwalk all day, every day in Ventnor – ZERO enforcement. Why have rules at all?

    Also whatever happened to the Margate boardwalk concept? It appears they will continue leeching off Ventnor – they all come use our boardwalk and pay ZERO towards maintenance for it. Ventnor ought to put up a toll and charge Margate residents!

    1. One born every minute

      By that logic, AC and Margate both, should be charging Ventnor residents tolls for using their roads to get to Ventnor in the first place. Face it Phil….that was a dopey comment!

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