Longport Police Find Guns, Ammo, Explosive Materials Inside Margate Home

A Margate man was arrested after being found with a stash of guns, ammunition and an explosive device on May 26, 2022.

Danger of New Jersey Catch and Release.

Francis Beck of South Coolidge Ave. was taken into custody by Longport Police and charged with a variety of serious weapons offences. Due to New Jersey bail reform, he was quickly released pending a court hearing.

BACKGROUND: On May 16, 2022 the Longport Police Department received a report that a resident on 36th Avenue had discovered bullet holes in their fence. The caller further reported that after viewing their home surveillance footage, they found that it was their elderly neighbor who had shot holes into the fence.

Further investigation revealed that Francis Beck, 82, of Margate, had fired two rounds from a CO2 powered handgun into the fence. The discharge of the rounds occurred in the area of South Coolidge Ave in Margate.

The Margate City Police Department was made aware of the situation, but turned over the investigation to the Longport Police Department.

A search warrant was granted to Longport PD for Beck’s home, where a large cache of firearms were located along with a large quantity of ammunition.

While conducting a search of the home, officers came across what was believed to be a homemade explosive and immediately contacted the Atlantic City and Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office Bomb Squad units who confirmed multiple homemade explosive devices within the residence.

These devices were seized by the bomb squad who rendered the immediate area safe.

Beck was charged with possession of destructive devices following the execution of the search warrant.

Beck was charged with multiple weapons violations and other offenses by Longport PD in the City of Margate.

Beck was released from custody pending a court hearing in accordance with New Jersey bail regulations supported by NJ Governor, Phil Murphy.

Contact Sgt Nicholas Rettino with any additional information pertaining to this case at: [email protected]

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  1. Cindy Grodanz

    This man is dangerous. Children and families pass his house every day.
    Are they waiting for true tragedy?

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