Longport Removes Summer Parking Restrictions on Atlantic Ave

An Ordinance Amending Chapter 161 – Vehicles and Traffic of the Code of the Borough of Longport, Atlantic County, New Jersey as it Pertains to No Parking on Atlantic Avenue.

The purpose of this Ordinance is to remove the Seasonal Restriction of No Parking on the South Side of Atlantic Avenue between May 15 and September 15 and permit parking on the South Side of Atlantic Avenue at all times.

Beth Kwart of 125 N. Derby Avenue, Ventnor – representing local chapter of Surf Rider, NJ. Spoke in support of the parking ordinance as means to increase public access to beaches.

Joe DiLorenzo of 104 S. 12th Avenue, Longport – spoke against passage of ordinance due to safety concerns. Stated that the Point area is dangerous with rocks falling into bay, needs repairs. Also had photographs of the area. Would like to work together with governing body on solution.

Guy Giordano of 1303 Atlantic Avenue, Longport – spoke against passage of ordinance due to safety concerns. Noted the need for a traffic impact study prior to passing ordinance. Expressed that safety of all must be considered prior to enacting ordinance.

Anthony Monzo, Esq., 211 Bayberry Dr., Cape May Court House, – on behalf of several clients that live in Point area. Noted that his clients oppose passage of ordinance due to public safety concerns. Stated that a traffic engineer was retained by clients who can provide reasons why governing body should not adopt the ordinance. Mr. Monzo stated there are public safety concerns for emergency vehicles in that area. He added that new homes being built with adequate off-street parking. Stated need for a traffic study prior to passing ordinance. Mr. Monzo requested that the ordinance be tabled and that a traffic study be conducted.

Andrew Feranda, a traffic consultant retained by several Point area residents, spoke that there are reasonable safety concerns that should be looked into prior enacting ordinance. Mr. Feranda, stated a need for traffic study to
discover impacts and understand them. Steve Jasciecki of 112 N. Lancaster Avenue, Margate, spoke in favor of the ordinance with adequate protection for the public.

Bruce Funk of 102 S. 19th Avenue, Longport – noted that as the Assistant Fire Chief for the Borough of Longport for nearly 50 years that the Point area does not pose a problem for emergency vehicle access.

Levon Clayton of 3016 Winchester Avenue – noted that as a former member of the Longport Beach Patrol, he could recall parking on 11th through 16th avenues. He believed that the seasonal restriction was implemented sometime in the 1980s.

Patrick Armstrong of 3307 Amherst Avenue spoke in favor of the ordinance indicating that as Longport residents they never had access to the beach on the blocks between 11th and 15th because there was no parking.

Joe DiLorenzo wished to provide a follow up comment noting that in the last 18 months nearly 45 new homes were built and that these new homes must have off street parking. He added that this will help provide more street parking in the borough.

Mayor Russo asked Police Chief Culmone if he had any concerns based on the public comments heard. Chief Culmone noted that he understood both sides of the aisle. He further noted that he did not have access to any studies.

Motion- Commissioner Lawler, seconded by Mayor Russo to approve ordinance #2018-05.

  • Comm. Lawler Yes
  • Comm. Leeds – Yes
  • Mayor Russo – Yes

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