Longport Rentals, EV Charging, Pickleball & Tennis.

Longport New Jersey
Russo, Lawler & Leeds.

Longport Solicitor Affanato discussed changes to Longport’s short-term rental ordinance. Current ordinance does not have minimum, nightly stay requirements.

Longport realtors prefer minimum rental stays of 14 days.

Longport will install an EV Station behind Borough Hall. An EV (electric vehicle) ordinance would be required. This is based on a 2021 State mandated EV ordinance. Fees will be established by resolution. Commissioner Leeds expressed concern regarding placing charging stations on public streets. Where can charging stations be installed?

The May 17, 2023 Borough Commission meeting audio recording has been posted.

Discussed: New Tennis Membership Program and tennis court instructors for the 2024 season. Proposed Tennis Membership Program that would allow residents to book courts more than seven days in advance along with potential reduced fees.

Tennis courts have been quite popular. Residents from neighboring municipalities have been reserving them.

Solicitor Affanato: What would determine proof of residency? Proposed membership program would not require adoption of ordinance and could be changed by resolution.

Will Longport Pickleball be a part of the program?

Recreation Supervisor Kennedy said that she will look into fees charged by neighboring municipalities.

Lack of Longport transparency. Meeting times are inconvenient to most residents. Mayor Russo, Lawler and Leeds do not support live video streaming of meetings, or remote public commenting by ZOOM

April 19, 2023 Longport Borough Commission meeting minutes.

2 thoughts on “Longport Rentals, EV Charging, Pickleball & Tennis.”

  1. Loving Longport

    Longport Mayor Russo doesn’t care about dead whales. Longport has no transparency. He blocks online ZOOM access to meetings. Shame on you Nick.

  2. Always wondered why Margate and Longport have not merged their police and fire departments?

    Actually, they should merge everything…

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