Longport Wants Lamberti To Replace Hazardous Bulkhead

Bulkhead Hazard

Longport Solicitor Michael Affinato discussed much needed replacement of failing bulkhead at 36th Avenue and the bay. The property is owned by Lamberti.

Longport has been in contact with the property owner Lamberti regarding several options.

Listen. Longport Lamberti Bulkhead Issue.

Option #1: Have Lamberti sign over upland rights to Borough. Longport taxpayers would be responsible for bulkhead maintenance and repairs. Owner Lamberti would maintain riparian (water and marina) rights. Solicitor Affanato says Lamberti not interested in option #1.

Option #2: Have Lamberti work with the Borough on a joint basis to replace deteriorating bulkhead.

Option #3: Request that Lamberti allows Longport to place equipment on his property so that Longport can repair it’s section of bulkhead.

Bulkhead was recently inspected. It’s condition is far worse than previously known. It needs to be repaired soon. Longport needs to ‘secure’ their piece of the bulkhead.

Pilings that are disengaged. Missing facia board. Bulkhead is failing.

Public works can’t keep shoveling dirt into the bulkhead sinkhole.

Lamberti asking Longport for permission to build a home on the extra-small parcel of land. He would then repair the bulkhead. This is currently not permitted due to Longport zoning ordinance.

His dream is a non starter. A non-buildable lot. Would have to go to Zoning board. It’s never gonna happen.


A joint private/public repair project can be tricky. Longport would need to put out a public bid. Then there’s prevailing wage issues.

Get two separate prices for the project: one for Borough, the other for Lamberti. Costs for a private property owner would be less than those charged to Borough.

Inspections show substantial deterioration. Entire length is in bad shape. Substantial structural integrity issues. Potential legal action.

If not voluntarily fixed, could cite him for a public hazard. Pursue court action to compel Lamberti. Potential liability if bulkhead fails.

Solicitor Affanato discussed action Longport Borough might take if owner Lamberti didn’t move forward with critical repairs / replacement to his section of the back-bay bulkhead.

Engineer Dennis discussed Borough’s responsibility if they move forward with option #3: repair its section of bulkhead. Need to obtain engineering plans and required State permits.

Longport leadership: please provide better quality audio recordings of public meetings. Discussion is difficult to hear and follow. Portions of what’s heard on audio recordings, not included within meeting minutes. Thus, the need for clear audio recordings of meetings. Thank you.

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17 thoughts on “Longport Wants Lamberti To Replace Hazardous Bulkhead”

  1. Why do they think LAMBERTI is going to repair the bulkhead? He cannot even
    get his building built. Three years in the making so far. Maybe another deal can be made to benefit him and the township without any regard for the city. Just like Margate did.

    1. Well that certainly looks like what Lamberti wants. He figures it worked with Margate why not Longport? Sounds like extortion to me.

      1. Ugh, more empty allegations of crime. Any PROOF you’d like to share rather than cowardly anonymous allegations of wrongdoing? Again, not defending what appear to be bad decisions but attaching criminality to them with no shred of evidence would be as lame as others posting empty allegations of crimes that you’ve committed.

  2. Not easy to be sympathetic to any party here since my personal opinion is that the present massive Lamberti structure put up so far is a slap in the face to property owners across the street who likely paid serious money with an expectation that they would have a lovely view of the bay and sunsets. As to the bulkhead, isn’t that part of the Lamberti property and thus their responsibility to maintain per city specifications?

    1. Sorry Joel. Never let the facts/laws get in the way of a rant about expectations about sunsets. Those homeowners you’re referring to don’t “own” those views.

  3. Time for Longport to look into Eminent domain aquisition of that piece of land. It is now a public safety issue. If the bulkhead goes those homes are in danger and the owner clearly has demonstrated the inability to live up to reasonable expectations.

  4. How hard is it to understand that the view belongs to the bayfront property owner who owns it?
    Every time I read some of these comments it reminds me that “you can’t fix stupid”.

    1. that’s true, except that Lamberti personally told every home owner across from the restaurant that if they didn’t oppose the deal that they had his word the structure would not obstruct their views from their top decks. That is not what happened.

      1. D – IF that is true (doubtful) then those owners are fools – of course that “word” they were allegedly given has as much validity as your baseless allegations of extortion.

  5. Yes, no one owns mother nature’s views. On the other hand, abusing cosmetic structure on a city street is another issue. No one should have the right, including politicians, to do so for the price of saving money. You also cannot fix corruption.

    1. You wouldn’t mind providing proof, actual evidence of corruption would you? Not the innuendo and empty allegations of it so prevalent on boards like this. I think some very foolish decisions have been made and allowed and to be very clear I am not defending those in power whatsoever but it is another thing entirely to blindly allege crimes have been committed when you don’t support their decisions. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

    2. Yes someone does own the views. The person who paid for them.
      “Abusing cosmetic structure”. What the hell does that mean?
      Corruption? Please state your specific allegation & show just a whiff of evidence.

    1. RJ, you said corruption… and thats a crime. Same empty allegation, same total lack of evidence. Still waiting for your proof…

  6. Every time Lamberti name is mentioned, it’s another slap at the town / residents of Margate or Longport.

    I don’t know all the back story on how this person got so much bay land, but he needs to be fined daily if he doesn’t keep his property in functional order.

    Margate wants to fine me for putting my trash out early. I don’t believe that’s as serious as keeping the bay where it belongs during a storm as his bulk head is intended to do.

    As far as the restaurant goes, I used to enjoy sitting on the back deck eating and watching the sunset (yes he owns the views), but he needs to get that project completed before the summer.

    Right now, it is an eyesore but it could be a functioning establishment giving folks another dining option.

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