Low On Funds, Small Business Owners Defy Questionable NJ Governor Orders

Tilton Square Theater
Tilton Square Theater

After 3 months of lock-down, another local business forced to defy Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order. With virtually zero cash flow, what can a struggling small business operator do?

Local gyms and restaurants have already tried. Most recently, the owners of Tilton Square movie theater tried to safely operate their movie business on June 5. A few days later, under duress, they decided to close.

They received multiple summonses from the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

The Tilton Square Movie, along with theaters in Stone Harbor and Ventnor, are owned by partners Brett Denafo and Clint Bunting.

We received an onslaught of citations and threats of legal action against us, despite providing a higher standard to keep our customers and our employees safe compared to other businesses that are permitted to operate.

“Under the circumstances, we regret that we are left with no choice but to cease operations until the governor allows us to reopen. We believe we have been unfairly targeted and denied the right to engage in lawful business activity while other businesses are able to operate legally.”

As of today, there’s still no reopening date for theaters and indoor entertainment.

After 3 months of closure, mom & pops are desperate to get back to business. Employees want to return as well.

“This is a great loss to the community during these trying times, and we encourage our customers and supporters to contact their local politicians to ask that our theater be permitted to open safely. We will continue to assert our right to provide safe family entertainment here.”


Tonight at 4pm we are reopening Tilton Square Theatre in Northfield, NJ. The CDC states that, “LARGE VENUES (movie theaters) can operate under strict physical distancing protocols.” Those CDC guidelines and our history of strict protocol make us very well suited to safely welcome you back.

I can’t watch a movie with all safety protocols met, but I can shop at a crowded Walmart with people within inches of me. I can also protest with thousands if I want. Crazy.

Terry L. 

All ‘Square’ theaters are equipped with Dolby 7.1 sound. The theater’s largest screen is 50’ wide. It’s one of the largest screens in South Jersey.

Tilton Square Theatre – featuring state of the art, IMAX.
331 Tilton Rd, Northfield, NJ.

NOTE: NJ Governor Murphy has been criticized for participating in weekend Black Lives Matter events in violation of his own executive order prohibiting mass gatherings.

2 thoughts on “Low On Funds, Small Business Owners Defy Questionable NJ Governor Orders”

  1. TheisSeagull just gave the NJ Governor “ONE & DONE Phil ” ” GOOD LUCK ” ! He will need it to be reelected !

  2. Steve in cherry hill

    Imagine if everyone decided to pick and choose what rules, regulations and laws they want to follow. Next thing you know we’d have dogs on the beaches during the summer or drivers not stopping for pedestrians in A cross walk. Suck it up and do the right thing, like most people!

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