Margate 3rd Floor Decks, Rental Insurance Mandates, Higher Homes

Time to finally modify Margate City ordinance. For past 3 years, Margate consistently approved variance applications for 3rd floor decks which are currently not permitted.

3rd floor decks: Not in back yards, only in front. Certain design criteria must be met. Must face street. No side or rear yard decks. Must be substantially smaller than 2nd floor deck below. Can’t protrude past the roof line.

Listen: 3rd floor decks. Oct 20, 2022

Margate Commission

Houses in Margate seem to be getting taller and wider?

Commissioner Maury Blumberg

Soon: Rental Owners Must Show Insurance Certificate.

Towns like Margate will soon collect insurance data from everyone that owns a rental property. Fines could be involved. Will Margate or State of New Jersey enforce the mandate?

Solicitor John Scott Abbott says Margate won’t enforce mandate or levy any fines….for right now. So far…. it’s a state mandate with no guidance.

Listen: Show Proof of Margate Rental Property Insurance. Oct 20, 2022

It’s just more paperwork.

Margate City Clerk

NJ DEP Wants Higher Home Elevation. New Rules Coming.

Some new homes may NOT be compliant in near future? Even those elevating home, may not be high enough?

Listen: DEP Says Higher Elevation Rules Coming for Homeowners. Oct 20, 2022

New DEP regulations coming by December 2022, and could go into effect by mid-2023.

They’re broke. (FEMA). Courtesy of Hurricane Ian.

OBSERVATION: Higher mortgage rates likely slowed portion of shore home sales. Why would I trade my 3% interest rate for a 7% rate? As an alternative, some invest in home upgrades, additions, tear down & new construction.

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