Margate and Ventnor Dogpark Could Get Much Needed Upgrade

Margate & Ventnor Dog Park Upgrade?

The Margate dog park at Freemont and Argyle Ave on the border near Ventnor…. it needs a serious upgrade.

The dog park opened in October of 2009, but conditions have declined over the years. ‘Margate has done little to keep it properly maintained’ say residents. The safety of dogs must be made a top priority.

The Margate dog park can often be peppered with items (glass, plastic, metals) that could do serious harm to both dogs and their human handlers. Pups love digging this stuff up.

Work may include a total resurface of the park. This would hopefully reduce chances of the park becoming a muddy mess after rain. Upgraded drainage could really help.

What needs attention? Total cleaning of the doggy-diggable dirt surface, fresh paint on the fences, fixing of broken locks and water fountains.

The Margate dog park is in a low-lying area. It’s prone to flooding and erosion.

In 2018, Margate did a deal with Ventnor, allowing those residents to use the park. Ventnor was to share in the maintenance cost of the park. Ventnor pays Margate $3,500 each year.

Margate and Ventnor pet owners must have their dogs vaccinated and licensed in order to use the park.

The Margate / Ventnor Dog park is open daily from 8a to sunset.

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