Margate Beach, Dune, Outfall Pipe & Boardwalk Update

LISTEN TO GLENN KLOTZ: Here’s the deal with the outfall pipes. Sadly, chances are, they’re going to get built. The fact that they’re probably going to get built, in my opinion, just makes a boardwalk even more necessary.

Dan Klein Radio. WOND 1400am

It’s an excellent bet that one or more of the five planned outfalls are going to degrade the beach in such a way, that we’re going to need a boardwalk to provide not just better vertical access from the street ends, but also better lateral access along the shore. From beach to beach. Come Summer 2019 and beyond.

The outfalls will solve one problem: flooding on the back beach in a few areas and some street ends. But the outfalls also create an entirely different set of serious problems on the recreational beach.

There’s just NO free lunch down there.

It was inevitable when the Army started smashing apart our beach with it’s project, that everything was going to change and now with the outfalls. it’s going to change again.

The truth is, we face years of change ahead down there. A boardwalk, in my opinion, is eventually going to be one of those options that will offer us a vastly improved situation when the time comes. In the mean time though, we are going to go through a wrenching period of adjustment to our new beach reality.

Summer 2017 was sadly just an introduction to the changes that we’re now going through on our beach.

More than half of Margate didn’t experience the “new” beachscape last summer.

There were enjoying their last summer on the old, flat & wide white quartz sand beach. Not this year.

When the summer visitors return this Memorial Day, they’re going to be greeted with the “new” coarse grey sand and shell beach and two “new” storm drainage outfalls.

Quite a few people are in for a real shock. If things go as planned with the outfalls, by Summer 2019, the entire beach project will be complete. So even this summer, we still won’t be experiencing the full impact of the new beach design.

Margate: Commission & Boardwalk 2018

Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that the present Commission is probably not going to simply put a “new” boardwalk up for a vote this year. We don’t seem to have the necessary two votes there to do it.

My guess is if we want a referendum now were going to have to get an actual paper petition going to get one. Even then, personally, my experience is we don’t want to go that route. Having a hostile or even neutral Commission is a serious problem. We might even win and find ourselves immediately facing a Commission that refuses to act on our victory. Been there, done that. It’s a rude awakening.

We need at least two solid YES votes on the Commission to really move forward on this project. Honestly, none of this is any surprise to me having already helped run three referendums in two communities around here. All of this was expected. Generally speaking, nothing good comes easily or quickly, especially in Margate. If the community wants a boardwalk (I believe they eventually will) those of us that want it are going to have to organize and fight for it.


5 thoughts on “Margate Beach, Dune, Outfall Pipe & Boardwalk Update”

  1. Helene Hulse
    May 7 at 9:02pm
    Has anyone tried to contact our Congressmen?

    Please let him know the damage that the Dunes project has wreaked on our once beautiful beaches–the industrial equipment, unsightly outflow pipes, etc. due to the Army Corp of Engineers’ destruction of drainage,(that had never been a problem), in addition to our no longer being able to walk along our shoreline as a result. What about our property values, economy, and quality of our beach enjoyment?

    If anyone else has suggestions as to who we can contact, please let us know. We really need to speak up and bring this to the attention of our state representatives.

    1. I called LoBiondo last the summer, he did call me back, regarding Lake Margate. All nicey nicey and “Oh I called the Mayor and Oh I’m so sorry for all of this” SWAMP
      Someone made a lot of money off this project and the people of Margate are the victims.

  2. lene Thierman Reich – Build a board walk so we can actually get to the beach. We need permanent structures over the dunes to be able to get to the ocean side!

  3. If you care about your Margate beaches, join us at next Commissioner meeting. May 17 at 4 PM. Old City Hall. Across from the Wawa.

    We expect a very large crowd so our Mayor and commissioners will see our faces and hear our voices. I hope you can join us. Jay Weintraub.

  4. Last summer I sat on the beach and watched the Michigans’ coming closer and closer to Nassau Avenue each week. Will we make it to the 4th of July? Can we keep our beautiful flat white sandy beach for the summer as we prayed for a Northeaster. Then I drive down from Boston this past Monday and words just can’t describe how my heart sank. Nassau Beach looked like a puzzle of pipes, bulldozers lifting tons of sand to cover up these horrendous pipes and dragging Aunt Gertie and Uncle Harry’s ashes up onto our beach. This ACOE is the swamp!! Where is Secretary Pruitt? Why are we spending money we don’t have to build dunes in a national debt of 22 trillion dollars. Are our Commissioners going to replenish this mess if it does get washed away? Are we married to this project? Maybe we could have Pipe Slides instead of Water Slides? Mr. Klotz is right, we need 2 votes on the Commission. Maybe it is time for non year round resident to be able to vote.

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