Margate Beach Tag Info, Summer 2021

Margate City Beaches will open for summer season 2021 starting May 29.

Weekend of May 29, beaches at Clermont, Huntington, Thurlow and Washington will be open pending good weather.

Barbeques allowed July 4-5 and Sept. 4-5.

The Beach Patrol will be on duty at the following locations:

Starting June 5

  • Clermont Avenue
  • Huntington Avenue
  • Jerome Avenue
  • Jefferson Avenue
  • Thurlow Avenue
  • Osborne Avenue
  • Washington Avenue

Starting June 12

  • Argyle Ave
  • Gladstone Ave

Starting June 26

  • Vendome Avenue
  • Cedar Grove Avenue
  • Madison Avenue

Margate Beaches open 10a to 6p. Swim only at guarded beaches

Surfing & kayaking 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Barclay to Clarendon avenues, Delavan to Essex avenues, Iroquois to Plymouth avenues, Kenyon to Nassau Avenues and Pembroke to Sumner avenues.

Sailing permitted at Barclay to Clarendon, Iroquois to Plymouth and Pembroke to Sumner.

Beach tags at pre-season rates 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily Martin Bloom Pavilion, Granville Avenue at the beach, until May 31. $10 for 12yrs and older, $3.50 for seniors

Starting June 1 – $20 for all tags.

Free seasonal tags to active duty military and veterans with proper id.

Buy tags in advance on smart phone: use VIPLY app… then pick up tag at the Bloom Pavilion. Download Viply app at

ADA crossovers located at Jefferson, Osborne, Huntington, Andover and Exeter.

Surf chairs at Brunswick, Huntington, Knight, Thurlow, Madison and Decatur. Reserve a chair, call 609-823-2370 or talk with lifeguard.

Beachgoers with physical limitations can request transportation from street end to over the dune. 609-517-5245.

Handicapped accessible rest rooms available at Martin Bloom Pavilion and Ventura’s Greenhouse.

Porta-potties available at Brunswick, Huntington, Quincy, Benson and Madison Ave.

Handicapped parking available at Margate Library parking lot.

3 thoughts on “Margate Beach Tag Info, Summer 2021”

    1. So if all residents get free beach badges, then they will just raise everyone’s taxes to compensate for those lost fees. It’s not really that hard to understand, one way or another you’ll be paying for it. Is it REALLY that much of a hardship to pay discounted pre-season rates?

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