Margate Beach Tags Summer 2020

On-site Margate Beach Badge sales have been suspended until further notice. However, beach badges can be purchased by mail and held for pick-up.

To reserve badges, send check or money order payable to “City of Margate” in the exact amount of the purchase and mail to: Attn: Beach Badges, Margate Municipal Building, 9001 Winchester Avenue, Margate, NJ 08402.

Please include your phone number and indicate the quantity requested. Pre-season rates are in effect until May 31, 2020.

$7.00 for Regular Season badges and $3.50 for Senior Citizen badges (65 and older).

Reserved badges can be picked up at Bloom Pavilion when City facilities are re-opened.

9 thoughts on “Margate Beach Tags Summer 2020”

  1. REALLY? CHARGE FOR BEACH PASSES?💩 Haven’t people had enough to deal with? Give us a break.

    And what about beach-tag checkers? I guess who ever didn’t reserve & pay for them, gets to sit for FREE. As usual.

  2. These discounted tickets should be available to purchase through the opening of the beach, not until May 31. We don’t even know at this point if the beach will be open Or to what extent.

  3. I think it would be a nice gesture to extend the discounted beach tag rate until the time that the city feels safe enough to sell them in person. If it is not safe to sell the tags, then it probably won’t be safe enough to fully open the beaches. Please consider changing the date for discount tags to at least 2 weeks after the date they can be sold in person.

    Also – Thank you so much for keeping the beaches semi-open during this COVID-19 time!

  4. Not only is this absurd because the beaches aren’t going to be open until later and we don’t know the extent of access and if they will continue to remain open but how come most other towns grant free beach passes to military veterans as the law stated when Governor Christie signed the act? Admittedly he left it up to each town but come on, the military are recognized everywhere as having served the country the same way the COVID19 front liners are now!!!!

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