Margate Beach Work. Latest Update for April 11, 2018

Here’s the latest available info on Margate beach, dune and outfall pipe work by the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE).

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Contractors hired by the ACOE are still using sump basins, temporary outfall pipes, and automated pumps— to fix the flooding problem caused by the new dune system. During heavy rainfall, water often gets trapped between the new dune and the bulkhead. This issue was caused by the dunes trapping water, and reducing natural percolation into the beach.

Margate Fun Fact: a completed dune system will NOT contribute to lowering your flood insurance rates.

The ACOE is still working on the controversial stormwater management system, designed to collect rainwater runoff from the beach blocks between Fredericksburg and Vendome Ave.

It features collection inlets (drains) at each street-end bulkhead. These sewers will tie into a beach-wide network of five outfall pipes.

The City’s contractor is currently installing street-end collection inlets. The system is being constructed in stages starting at Vendome Ave, and moving north to Fredericksburg Avenue.

Five, new outfall pipes are being installed at Vendome, Nassau, Kenyon, Franklin and Douglas Avenues. Each outfall is oriented perpendicular to the shoreline and directs stormwater from the streets, to the ocean. Much of the piping will be buried beneath the dune and beach, but will be very visible near the shoreline.

Construction on the Vendome Ave ocean outfall pipe began in February and is expected to be completed this spring. Work will then proceed to the next outfall at Nassau Ave. ACOE anticipates the entire system to be completed by the spring of 2019.

When will beach construction pause for the summer? Oddly, the exact shut-down date is not being shared. We hear conflicting reports. Will work PAUSE before Memorial Day weekend? Or will the work shut-down occur just before 4th of July weekend? This lack of detail is problematic.

We smell something fishy. The ACOE needs to come clean. We trust the Army Corp of Engineers, as far as we can throw ’em.

Does the ACOE consider ‘summer’ to be 3 months long (June July Aug)……or 2 months long (July Aug) ?

No wonder the ‘Rebuild the Margate Boardwalk‘ concept is gaining traction.

Full-blown beach work will resume after Labor Day.

3 thoughts on “Margate Beach Work. Latest Update for April 11, 2018”

  1. Marcia+Mulligan

    So the outfall pipes drain all the filthy, dirty water into the ocean. Then you dive into this polluted filth and children take mouth fulls of this disgusting filthy water all day long !!! OMG just can’t wait for summer.

  2. Does anyone know if there are filters for actual trash or will that also be going into the ocean and washing ashore?

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