Margate Beaches Open for Memorial Day Weekend

Margate beach lifeguard
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Margate beaches will be open to sunbathing and swimming for Memorial Day weekend.

The NJ governor has lifted beach restrictions statewide.

For now, Margate Beach Patrol will guard just 5 beaches – Clermont, Huntington, Thurlow, Benson and Madison Ave. Swimming is OK, but no floats allowed. As usual, more beaches will be guarded in the upcoming weeks.

Bathers must swim in front of lifeguards and practice social distancing.

Margate City requires beach badges starting June 6.

Margate beach badges can be purchased 10a to 3p daily at Bloom Pavilion, 101 S. Huntington Ave., behind the Margate Library.

Pre-season badges are $7, $3.50 for seniors. The price increases to $15 on June 1 for all badges.

Active military and veteran badges are free with proof of service. You must wear mask when purchasing badges.

Margate Police Department may enforce social distancing.

Masks not required in public areas, but encouraged.

Margate Beach Patrol will have two lifeguards on each of the open beaches.

Margate requires all lifeguards to be EMT certified. Two lifeguard EMTs in trucks equipped with PPE, personal protective equipment, will patrol the beaches.

Bloom Pavilion restrooms will be open and cleaned several times a day. Located behind library. City will install over 30 hand sanitizer dispensers in various locations throughout Margate.

Margate tennis courts, pickleball and playground are closed until further notice.

Surfing, kayaking and sailing allowed on assigned beaches.

2 thoughts on “Margate Beaches Open for Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. Michael Baylinson

    I’m guessing that John Amedeo misspoke when he said all guards have to be EMT’s. If so those 16 year old kids are way over qualified or WAY under paid. I apologize if I’m wrong.

  2. Amedeo “misspeaks” whenever his mouth moves. He is a snake and a typical corrupt politician. Never trust anything he says.

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