Margate Boardwalk – A Much Needed Re-Connector.

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Glenn Klotz on Ventnor’s Boardwalk

Here’s the latest from Glenn Klotz and the ‘Friends of the Margate Boardwalk’.


A new (rebuilt) boardwalk in Margate will reconnect the town with it’s ocean and beaches. The facts: The (ACOE) Army Corp of Engineers / NJDEP beach project divided the beach… citywide… from the rest of the town.

In the past, Margate’s beaches were a wide and flat expanse that could be easily traversed, from the street to the ocean. Today. that’s no longer the case.

Today, a 13.7 ft. high dune cuts off the the town from the beach and ocean. We have to walk through a so-called ‘dead zone’ in order to get to the dune. The dead zone is the area between the street end bulkheads and the man-made dune. One has to climb over the dune in order to view, or get to, the ocean.  to get to the sea.

DONATE: Friends of Margate Boardwalk

For residents and visitors, this is more than just a minor inconvenience. It’s an entirely new obstacle course to traverse. One that never existed before. One that was, and still is, NOT needed.

Boardwalks exist in both Ventnor and AC. 

Today 50% or more of Margate’s beaches are essentially DEAD ZONES, non-usable beach. What a waste.

Margate should extend the Island’s existing BW to upgrade its beachscape. It’s our belief that such an UPGRADE will be an attractive useful addition to the town’s infrastructure. It will ultimately help to maintain and eventually add to Margate property values.

A newly rebuilt Margate boardwalk would physically, psychologically and emotionally reconnect the town with the ocean. This re-connection would FIX a deeply flawed and unwanted dune project. One that the voters and residents rejected twice!

WANNA HELP? We need all of our friends to help convince Margate City Commissioners, and the residents / voters in Margate, that we absolutely need to build a BW to FIX the present situation on our beaches.

Become an ambassador for the BW. Talking the idea up with your family, friends, and neighbors here in Margate. Also, please help the Margate BW Committee with donations at our new GoFundMe website, and/or volunteer to assist with our efforts.

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  1. Ellen Slotoroff Zyroff > How wonderful it would be to stroll on our own boardwalk in our own neighborhood, without having to drive or be driven elsewhere to do that. Seniors, children, teens, young families and everyone in between could on their own get to the boardwalk whenever they chose. The realization of this dream would be a significant boon to the quality of family and senior life in Margate. What a positive infrastructure project it would be to rebuild the boardwalk that was once an integral part of Margate and to do so again along the entire length of the city, connecting it with the Ventnor boardwalk.

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