Margate Boardwalk Committee Status Update

Margate Boardwalk
Rendering of Margate Boardwalk

As previously reported, Margate Commissioners distributed an author-less report regarding the re-build of Margate’s beloved boardwalk.

A hodgepodge of opinions from various Margate City department heads. Unbiased discussion? Or just anti-boardwalk propaganda?

The well-received, comprehensive report “A Margate Boardwalk for the 21st Century” was placed on the public record during the commission meeting of Aug. 15, 2019. Report was prepared at the request of Margate Commissioner, Maury ‘some people call me Maurice’ Blumberg.

Glenn Klotz and the Margate Boardwalk Committee (MBC) also put petition with 614 taxpayer / voter signatures on the public record. Petition was also prepared at request of Margate Commissioner Blumberg. (future Mayor of Margate?)

Will Wildwood Boardwalk Receive State Funding?

The petition asked 3 Margate Commissioners to hold a referendum and a 3rd party poll for non-voting taxpayers.

Yes or no. Do you support construction of a citywide, non-commercial public boardwalk on the beaches of Margate?

Still no reply from the city.

MBC intends to make further inquiries with the Commissioners. Not gonna let them off the hook. Wants City to determine will of the people. Take the local temperature. Is that too much to ask?

Do Margatians want a boardwalk or not? A simple yes or no question that Becker, Amodeo and Blumberg really don’t wanna know the answer to.

Much easier to placate a handful of influentials. Entitled property owners who don’t really care about the other 99% of Margate taxpayers.

Angry Margate Taxpayer

After the beaches, a boardwalk is the most popular, public amenity along the shore.

As we speak, NJ is considering a bill to rebuild boardwalks using highway trust fund money.

What happens next? Will City Commissioners gauge ALL resident interest? Or just a handful of insiders?

Support Rebuilding of Margate Boardwalk. Visit: The Margate Boardwalk

1 thought on “Margate Boardwalk Committee Status Update”

  1. If your waiting to hear from the Commissioners don’t hold your breath!!
    If it isn’t going to line their pockets there not interested. Besides that your really only get lied to and ignored.

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