Margate Boardwalk Update. Next Steps, Exciting Possibilities and Opposition.

Media coverage of Margate’s beaches is nothing new. The dune and outfall pipe project makes for some serious drama. Let’s add a boardwalk to the mix, shall we?

Listen to Margate resident Glenn Klotz as he talks about the pros & cons of a new Margate Boardwalk on WOND News Radio.

Glen also addresses the Margate Commissioners, during the April 19, 2018 meeting.


It started as a casual ‘what if’ conversation. Talk of resurrecting the Margate boardwalk. Could be a real possibility.

Klotz, and many others, believe a boardwalk can soothe the pain caused by the controversial execution of a Margate dune and outfall drainage system.

‘This is not just about views, but Margate beach access’ says Klotz.

The dunes seriously degraded access to the water according to Klotz. Seniors, families with kids, and those with walking difficulties have been negatively affected. A boardwalk helps mitigate those issues. It’s not a slam dunk, but this discussion has legs.

At the April 19 Margate Commission meeting, Klotz asked for a boardwalk update from Commissioners John Amodeo, Maury Blumberg and Mayor Becker. Amodeo suggested the State will likely not be an issue. They won’t block a boardwalk. Becker echoed the positive, initial vibe. Of course, CAFRA (Coastal Area Facility Review Act) support is still needed for building anything along the coast. CAFRA regulates any development near a beach or dune.

The Army Corp of Engineers [ACOE] blessing is also a considerable hurdle. But, as Mr. Amodeo has said, the Army Corp ‘is in the business of building boardwalks.’ Referring to their excellent work along the Atlantic City inlet.

Never thought we’d utter these words: Hire the ACOE to build the Margate Boardwalk.

We see some strong arguments on both sides of this issue. Here’s a few:

What about costs? One possible funding method is to bond the project. When coupled with tapping the always growing ratable base in Margate, some suggest taxpayers would likely never feel the pinch of building a new boardwalk.

What about privacy concerns? Some beachfront homeowners object to a boardwalk anywhere near their property. Concerns over boardwalkers passing by and having an unfettered view of their property. This argument is often refuted this way: the general public has always walked past these homes, on the public streets. Often, only a few feet away. Total privacy was never assumed or assured. The public sidewalk is right next to homeowner properties. The proposed boardwalk would be, in most cases, further away. This is not a gated community.

Will elected leaders finally join the discussion? To date, Senator Chris Brown and Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo have exhibited limited interest in Margate’s ongoing plight. Maybe congressional candidate Jeff Van Drew will share his thoughts soon. Congressional candidate Seth Grossman has always been very vocal about the Margate dune situation. Grossman, to the best of our knowledge, has been the only one to strongly object to the State’s one-size-fits-all dune project.

5 thoughts on “Margate Boardwalk Update. Next Steps, Exciting Possibilities and Opposition.”

    1. You need to read the “Ventnor Buzz” section comments. Bicycles, often speeding, on boardwalk, motor bikes, texting, knocking down seniors, scaring kids.
      Dogs prohibited but there anyway. Urinating, defecating, running loose. Those are the comments of Ventnor residents. You want that in Margate?

  1. I prefer no boardwalk in Margate. Why disrupt the beauty of a beach? If you want to walk, walk on the beach or go to Ventnor, Ocean City, etc. Can we leave this pristine beach alone…

  2. Diana Goldstein

    As a full time resident I absolutely do not want a Margate Boardwalk. Judging how the ACOE constructed the failed dunes on our once pristine beaches I cannot imagine that the boardwalk would enhance our town. And..don’t believe for one minute this project won’t be the responsibility of the Margate taxpayers. It makes me angry that after all we’ve endured with the ACOC,this committee would once again put their trust and confidence in this corrupt and inept government agency

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