Margate Builders Keep Cutting Down Trees Without City Approval, Town Losing Green Appeal?

margate green team
Decline of Margate Trees

It’s no secret that Margate keeps losing trees and greenery. Aggressive development and coastal storms are the main culprits.

On Sept 24, Rich Patterson of the Margate Planning Board said: we had speculative builders cutting down trees right and left for the past 5 years.

We lost 200 trees in a storm according to Margate Construction Official Jim Gallantino.

The Planning Board will not make a forestry plan, part of the city’s Masterplan. That’s according to a Sept 24 Margate Planning Board meeting. Listen:

LISTEN: Sept 24, 2020

Margate Planning Board not very enthusiastic about dealing with 3rd floor decks, affordable housing plans, and now, the protection of vulnerable Margate trees.

Margate Forestry Management Plan has no teeth. No enforcement powers. Solicitor Leo Manis & Board Chairman Rich Patterson: It’s not worth the effort to put it into master plan

We’re trying to recreate the Margate with street trees that once existed. Tress that distinguish Margate from Atlantic City, Avalon and Sea Isle.

Rich Patterson

Zoning officer Roger McLarnon prefers to keep control over this tree & forestry issue. Will Green Team monitor his actions?

margate planning board
Margate Planning Board

McLarnon says he’ll work with the Green Team & Sustainable Margate. To be clear, he doesn’t answer to them.

Can Margate residents trust Roger McLarnon to protect the remaining trees in Margate?

Planning Board member Tom Collins, who represents Mayor Michael Becker on the board, wants the document to just be a reference. A guide. That’s it.

Steve Jasieki in member of the Margate Planning board and is chairperson of Sustainable Margate.

It’s remains unclear why Sustainable Margate and the Green Team do not attend critical meetings like these. We’ve noted that Steve Jasieki often gets ganged-up on by his Planning Board colleagues.

Sustainable Margate

Steve JasieckiChairperson, 609-412-3648
Emily AikenVice Chairperson
Ginny GormleySecretary
Debra BarnetGarden Committee
Monica CoffeyPoint Committee
Anthony EdgePublic Works
Charles BergMember
Jane PizagnoMember
Nancy JohnsonMember
Nancy RocheMember
Susan AliceMember

Zoning Contacts

Roger McLarnonZoning Officer, Planner(609) 822-5438
Palma AccardiBoard Administrator(609) 822-1974
Elias Manos, Esq.Board Solicitor

Planning Board Members

Richard PattersonChairman
Michael RichmondVice Chairman
Michael S. BeckerMayor, Commissioner of Public Works
Tom CollinsMayor’s Designee
Jim GalantinoBoard Member, Construction Official
Michael CristaldiBoard Member
Joe DiGirolamoBoard Member
Margaret Guber-NultyBoard Member
Craig PalmisanoBoard Member
Remy PelosiBoard Member
Clem WasleskiBoard Member
Ron GruppoBoard Member
Steven JasieckiBoard Member

6 thoughts on “Margate Builders Keep Cutting Down Trees Without City Approval, Town Losing Green Appeal?”

  1. People come to Margate for the SUN, not for the Shade. Please do not block the bay or ocean views with trees. Shrubs, flowers, and bushes are great, and appreciated. Thank you

    1. Trees create an added expence to taxpayers in many ways such as keeping them trimmed away from electrical wires and cost to unclog and repair the street gutter storm drains which get clogged with the leaves from the trees and repairing cost for the sidewalks which get lifted up every year by the high coastal storm winds which topple over the trees lifting up the side walks

      tree branches break off and damage parked cars or people and even when properly trimmed the wind snaps and throws the branches everywhere including into people trying to flee and windows of homes and branches pull down telephone communication wires and are an additional clutter laying in and also blocking roads and the city provides street lighting at night for all to be safe but the trees block the light creating possibility for someone to trip or create unawareness for someone unseen to cause harm

      trees help the biting annoying insects to multiply as well as wood eating termites ..trees block the view of our residence ability to avoid accidental collision of cars and bicycles day or at night and obstruct the view of those possibly needing assistance that have fallen down elderly or young and block the views of our first responders looking for an address or police locating a person of interest..the end result is a much cleaner enjoyable safer city and so much money saved .

  2. Year round resident

    People that live here all the time, enjoy the trees and the benefits they bring to the environment and community. Nothing can block the view of the ocean or bay, if you walk outside and look. Leave the trees in place. They are needed, beautiful and wanted.

    1. Year round resident #2

      The trees are beautiful, peaceful, and nostalgic. There should be some sort of fine when they cut without approval to ensure tree safety.

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