Margate Building Dept Missing Contractor Proof of Insurance?

Missing Proof of Insurance?

A Nassau Ave homeowner in Margate wants their builder to fix any damages caused by a recent project.

They’re trying to submit an insurance claim against a custom home builder based in Ventnor. Unfortunately, no one can find proof that the custom home builder has their valid liability insurance posted within Margate City Hall.

Listen to Margate public comment audio from May 4, 2023

Margate homeowners getting run around from Becker, Amodeo, Blumberg and Abbott.

Affected resident had to OPRA request both Margate and the State of NJ for contractor proof of insurance.

Homeowner ‘given wrong numbers by Margate City’. State of New Jersey gave out the wrong numbers too.

Margate Commissioner John Amodeo: Proof of Insurance must be posted with City at Building Department.

Margate Commissioner John Amodeo: That has to be on record. Business Admin (Ken Mosca) will handle this.

Building inspector says builder must provide paperwork. Why didn’t Margate building inspector investigate?

Contractor allegedly provided no mandatory, valid, liability insurance for posting at Margate City Hall.

ยง 114-12Insurance; indemnification agreement.

[Amended 7-23-1987 by Ord. No. 1987-13]

All persons holding a Class I, Class II or Class III construction contractor license and their agents and employees are required to be covered by a policy or policies of liability insurance. Said policy or policies shall name the City of Margate City as an additional named insured with respect only to liability coverages afforded by the policy(s), insuring against bodily injury and property damages in an amount to be determined by the City with a minimum of $100,000 and a maximum of $300,000 combined single limit.

Said liability insurance shall be the comprehensive general liability form and may include premises operations and independent contractors products/complete operations, explosion, collapse and underground hazard, broad form property damage and blanket contractual.

A certificate of insurance that confirms the aforementioned coverage(s) shall be submitted to the Construction Official prior to the issuance of a license.

Margate Building Department

Jim Galantino (609) 822-1974

Palma Shiles (609) 822-1974

Gina Okoorian (609) 822-1974

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