Margate Candidate Forum Scheduled for May 4

margate homeownersJay Weintraub of the Margate Homeowners Association, MHA, shared the latest:

It appears everything is moving along with the public forum where citizens can meet and hear from the 4 Margate candidates for elected office.

The public forum is scheduled for Saturday, May 4. More details on the way.

Today, candidate Calvin Tesler signed his letter of commitment for the event.

The MHA sent the other commitment letters to Tim Perskie. He’s the campaign manager for the 3 incumbents; Mayor Micheal Becker, and Commissioners John Amodeo and Maury Blumberg. Looking forward to receiving their commitment letters as well.

Ed Berger of the MBA, Margate Business Association and I have already signed our letters… as Presidents of our organizations.

This should be a great event. The MHA is excited to be working hand in hand… to bring the taxpayers/ voters of Margate, a fabulous public candidate forum.

Jay Weintraub.

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