Margate City Hall & Public Works Salary Chart

For those interested in how their Margate tax dollars are being spent. As a public service, we share this public information. An informed public makes better decisions.

Note: By popular demand, we will soon publish Ventnor & Longport salary data.

Some highlights:

  • Commissioner John Amodeo: $26,575
  • Maurice ‘Maury’ Blumberg: $26,575
  • Mayor Michael Becker: $26,575
  • Dawn Marie Bascelli, Confidential aide to the Mayor: $65,000
  • Lisa McLaughlin, CFO:  $127,222
  • Kelle Paige Amodeo, Clerk: $47,498
  • Roger McClarnon, Planning Dept Zoning Officer: $120,356
  • Guy Galantino, Construction official: $137,015
  • Fred Verna, Tech / Systems Analyst:  $167, 621

TAX ASSESSOR & Collections

  • Mary C. Becker, Deputy Tax Assessor: $85,647
  • James Manghan: Tax Collector: $79,472
  • Linda Morgan: $116,390

Margate Sewer Dept.

  • Frank Ricciotti, Superintendent: $171,284

Margate Water Dept.

  • James Dickerson Asst PW Superintendent: $143,708
  • Patrick Power, Asst Superintendent: $125,137


Margate City Hall PW Salary 2019

2 thoughts on “Margate City Hall & Public Works Salary Chart”

  1. If their name is Becker , Collins who owns the Colmar store and gets all of the city’s business or Amedeo it should be obvious. How they were hired? Take a guess!
    Nepotism at it’s finest snd high salaries.
    Is Margate a family business?
    It sure looks that way.
    Time for a change. Vote Becker out and that is a good place to start.
    Bullet vote for Tesler only.

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