Margate Commissioners Pull Out Of Public Candidate Forum

Margate Commissioners Avoid Public Forum

Fallout continues for the 3 Margate commissioners. The incumbents officially pulled out of the planned ‘Meet The Margate Candidates’ forum scheduled for May 4 at Ross School.

Optics looking bad here. No matter how well written the press release from campaign manager, Tim Perski.

Margate Commissioner Election is May 14, 2019

Margate Homeowners Association Talks FORUM

Becker/Amodeo/Blumberg, the Margate incumbents decided to bail…even though MHA were lead to believe that the forum was a GO… and Becker, Amodeo and Blumberg would be joining candidate Calvin Tesler on the stage.


MHA being deluged with calls and e-mails. Why did three incumbents cancel their participation in the upcoming public forum?

Margate residents deserve transparency.

Candidate Calvin Tesler

How Margate Candidate Forum Would Operate:

The Margate Homeowners Association (MHA) and the Margate Business Association (MBA) would together, review questions collected from residents. They would then pick the top 15 questions. All four candidates would get the questions in advance. No gotcha questions. Nobody getting blind-sided at the forum. Each candidate could prepare for the public forum. Ez peasy lemon squeezey, right? Nope. Not easy enough for some.

Bad optics: The 3 incumbents wanted to avoid ALL public discussion of not only their track record, but what their plans are for Margate moving forward. Why subject themselves to open-air resident grilling?

What’s a stake: 4 more years to control of those rising, Margate ratables. Must be nice to whack-up that growing stack of property tax cash, huh?

Planning for The Margate Candidate Forum started in early Feb 2019. One big step was a Feb 15 breakfast between the Margate Mayor Michael Becker & MHA leadership that included Jay Weintraub & Marc Alch. Two weeks later in early March, as a follow up, campaign manager Tim Perskie told MHA’s Jay Weintraub that the 3 Margate Commissioners were “all in”

  • Event was to be moderated by NJ League of Women Voters. That was never in question. But the press release got that one wrong, too.
  • Time for audience questions. Food and refreshments were to be served so candidates and residents could mingle.
  • Time, dates, location, questions, unbiased moderator….were standing by and ready to go.
  • MHA had approval from school board to use Ross School for event.

Calvin Tesler

Margate Commissioner Candidate

The people of Margate should have access to the candidates running in the upcoming election. There’s no excuse for candidates not attending a public forum. It gives residents of Margate an opportunity to get answers, in order to make an informed decision on May 14.

Three amigos’ one finger salute to Margate voters and residents. Especially 2nd homeowners who won’t be adequately served by the forum alternative they conjured up.

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Ventnor Holds Forums. Why Not Margate?

We call this slow-walking. Running out the clock to escape a much needed ‘meet the candidates’ forum.

The press release looks good, but smells like s**t.

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  1. You have to wonder what the 3 Amigos have to hide?
    Maybe everyone should forget to vote for them and just vote for Calvin

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