Margate Considers Elephant-sized changes for Lucy Park

Lucy Park.

Big. Really big. Elephant-sized changes are planned for Lucy Park, home of Margate’s historic landmark.

Step # 1. Tear down the old snack bar. It’s not making enough money says Lucy Executive Director, Rich Helfant.

In it’s place, a food truck parked near the foot of Lucy the Elephant.

The tiny gift shop will also be torn down. A new, larger visitors center will be built. Bigger with a higher elevation.

The Save Lucy Committee will host a public hearing all about these plans.

Public can address the 3 Margate Commissioners on Thurs, March 2 at City Hall, 1 S. Washington Ave.

Info about plan is available for inspection by public at Margate Municipal Building, 9001 Winchester Ave.

Note: This info should have been posted online for easier access to viewing by everyone.

Written comments: Send to Municipal Clerk Johanna Casey, 9001 Winchester Ave., Margate, NJ 08401, or call 609-823-2605.

Margate Commissioners may take formal action to approve as soon as May 31.

ALSO: The Save Lucy Committee will do a presentation at the Feb. 23 Planning Board meeting. 6:30 p.m. at Historic City Hall, 1 S. Washington Ave.

Sorry, presentation not available for remote participation via ZOOM as per Business Admin, Rich Deaney.


4 thoughts on “Margate Considers Elephant-sized changes for Lucy Park”

  1. Elaine W. Charny

    a tall building anywhere near Lucy detracts from her presence….
    1 story only whatever is planned!!!!!

  2. Its hard for the beach shack to make money when Lucy was under construction for the summer. Who wants to eat lunch under scaffolding?

  3. It seems like the issues with the lack of success at the beach snack shack at Lucy have existed long before the recent construction, though.

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