Margate Considers School Consolidation & Non-Resident Students

Leaders of the Margate school system are well aware of declining enrollment. The tough question: should Margate consolidate it’s schools and charge tuition for potential non-resident students?

Downward trends in kindergarten and first-grade enrollment are painting a bleak picture in regards to future student numbers in Margate.

Margate currently has 352 students in our school system. Last year, that number was 400.

Example: Tighe Middle School graduated 59 in June 2016, but only 26 enrolled for Ross Elementary School.

According to Shore News Today, Superintendent John DiNicola said Hurricane Sandy and the economy in Atlantic City have had an impact on the district’s population.

To gauge future school needs, Margate Real Estate brokers have been asked about recent sales. Who’s been buying those homes? Do they have school age kids?

Read More in Shore News Today

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